30 Thoughts Every Professional Woman has on a First Date

Posted by Kelleher International on Sep 11, 2015 8:46:11 AM


There is so much that goes into a first date: planning the venue, selecting an outfit, making a good first impression, and even following up after your date. It’s easy to misstep somewhere and leave yourself open to embarrassment. Your date has little to no frame of reference for you, so words and actions tend to make that much more of an impact when you first meet that person. Tension runs high, nerves get the best of us, and even the most experienced daters can be surprised at how the right person will take them by surprise during a date. Strong, independent women are prone to a whole host of unique thoughts before, during and after a first date. Stand up tall, 21st century woman! You are not alone.


1. I own a closet full of clothes and on the one night it matters… there’s nothing to wear!

2. These heels are perfect! …wait, what if we have to walk somewhere? OK, back to flats.

3. Where did this zit come from? At least I can say I have the skin of a teenager…

4. Should I cancel?

5. I really hope this one has a decent job.

6. If he shows up in a ratty t-shirt and loafers, I am so going to walk out.

7. It’s five after! I’m going to be late! He’s going to hate me before I even show up.

8. Woah, this one is actually cute! That means he has to be a little dull… right?

9. Holy cow. I take back everything. This guy is amazing. Hello, whole package!

10. There’s a serious “burger versus salad” dilemma happening right now.

11. Is he going to judge me for getting more than one glass of wine?

12. He’s getting another beer. I’m home free.

13. He’s been really quiet. Am I talking too much?

14. OK, he’s nodding and smiling. That has to be good. Right?

15. Uh oh. What if he wants to kiss at the end?

16. What if I want to kiss him at the end?

17. His lips look really soft. He reminds me of Chris Hemsworth…

18. OK, now I’m definitely going to kiss him.

19. Should I offer to pay?

20. He smells really good. Is that cologne or just his soap?

21. He’d better have noticed my perfume.

22. Our children are going to be gorgeous.

23. I wonder if he would get along with my friends.

24. His smile is perfect… he has to know about that, right?

25. We could be our own rom-com. He’s hilarious!

26. How soon is too soon to text?

27. I literally can’t. Stop. Thinking. About. Him.

28. Have I always been this sappy?

29. He wants a second date!

30. Oh, wait. A second date… I have to do this all over again.

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