4 Celebrity Dating Solutions for Love that Lasts

Posted by Kelleher International on May 22, 2015 9:31:07 AM

shutterstock_167757545Celebrities have the challenge of adhering to not one, but two different sent of dating rules: the etiquette expected from all people on dates as well as the rules of a poised social leader. Trusting the wrong person means becoming tomorrow’s headline, but not opening up to the right person could cost you a meaningful relationship. Kelleher International utilizes the world’s largest private database of eligible singles to discretely locate compatible matches based on your lifestyle and preferences. Our matchmakers don’t just select someone with a pretty face – we search for your intellectual and emotional equal so you can build a satisfying relationship that will stand the test of time. Navigate the tricky world of celebrity dating with these celebrity dating solutions.


The Problem: You’re recognizable.

The Solution: There is no simple solution for a notorious face and covering up simply isn’t an option on a date when the goal is to open up to another person. Take a note out of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s dating playbook which includes catching paparazzi off-guard with signs directing fans to a charity or even posing for covert fan photos when possible. It doesn’t hurt to show your date how personable you can be even under pressure and your fans will love you more for handling the situation delicately.


The Problem: You travel – a lot.

The Solution: Communication a critical factor with long-distance relationships and it needs to happen both before and after travel occurs. Make sure you and your date have discussed your expectations for the relationship prior to take-off. Have you decided to be exclusive? Do you plan to contact each other once a day via video chat or throughout the day by text message? Discuss any specific concerns and explain any absences if you know you will be unavailable for a period of time.


Texting, email, and Skype are obvious solutions to communication long-distance, and programs like WhatsApp even allow VoiP access internationally. Think outside the box, too. Send flowers to your date’s place of work or upgrade typical video chat dates by eating a candlelight dinner together. It’s okay to write old-fashioned love letters if you have your date’s address.


The Problem: You’re overwhelmed with work – and your date is, too.

The Solution: Agree to ignore each other – temporarily, of course. Work is never an excuse to break up with someone; jobs come and go, but a relationship is supposed to last the rest of your life. Discuss the break beforehand, how long it will be, and your expectations for the relationship when you resume things after the “busy season.” Send occasional texts to let your significant other know you’re thinking of them, but do not expect a response. Trust your significant other enough to give them space and believe in your relationship enough to realize it will still be there when you return.


The Problem: Your phone never stops ringing.

The Solution: This issue is not so much about answering every call as it is about respecting your date. Turn the phone off before you even step foot in the restaurant and give your date your undivided attention. You’re with a person who has devoted an hour (or more) of their time to meet you. This person has the potential to become your partner in crime, intellectual equal and best friend through the highs and lows of life. Show your date you’re worth their time by respecting theirs.


Kelleher International’s boutique matchmakers understand the trials that come with celebrity dating. Falling in love can be difficult enough without additional obstacles, which is why we facilitate celebrity meetings with privacy in mind. Discretion, compatibility, and the overall dating experience are at the forefront of our philosophies and client satisfaction is the pinnacle of our firm. Work with a dating expert today to discover the benefits of working with the professionals. 

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