5 Secrets You Can Learn From Your Date’s Career Choice

Posted by Kelleher International on May 1, 2015 8:50:14 AM


A person’s career is the embodiment of their life choices, values and dreams, so it is important to pay attention to this critical aspect of their lives. While a person’s job alone should not determine your opinion of them, research shows that people who enjoy their careers appear more confident, relaxed and attractive to potential dates. Crack the dating code and use common information mentioned in passing to gain intimate knowledge of your date’s personality, self-confidence and even what their future holds! The matchmaking experts at Kelleher International know a person’s job says more than you think it does. Here’s what your date’s career choices tell you about them:


Personality type. There are infinite personality types in the world, but if your date chose a career working with people that involves lots of movement and action, it’s a safe bet you’re dating someone who identifies as an extrovert. Similarly, if your date prefers to work independently on projects and remain behind-the-scenes, you’ll know your date might need alone time in the relationship as well. Matchmaking is about finding a personality complimentary with yours and pairing you based on these complex aspects of your life.


Happiness. Does your date’s career make them happy? If so, your date is more likely to appear confident and secure. This type of person doesn’t need validation – their job is satisfying and offers opportunities for expansion and intellectual stimulation. If your date is dissatisfied, you might need to prepare yourself to support them through a career change later down the road. A well-matched couple can inspire each other and change might naturally follow. Remember, these changes are for the greater good and will increase overall happiness for both of you.


Ambition. People feel satisfaction at different levels of their career. Some people have a constant drive to be better than the competition and others feel secure after reaching a comfortable level of management with a company they respect and trust. Entrepreneurs are likely to have independent, self-driven motivations and unique interests that inspired their business of choice. Your date is likely to be enthusiastic about their career and it helps to have a good grasp on where they are, whether they desire future change, and how you can better support them in these endeavors.


Values. Did your date choose a career because they thought that was the best way to make money or because they wanted to change the future of their industry? Do they enjoy traveling on business because it allows them to experience different cultures? Your date’s actions speak a great deal to their past and how it has shaped them into the person they are today. Shared values are great conversation starters and can help build the foundation for a healthy, lasting relationship.


Education. If your date invested in four years of college followed by some sort of graduate or specialty degree, they probably place high emphasis on education and value partners who feel the same way. The most important thing to note here is that, while a college degree is beneficial, it is not always the best indicator of a person’s intelligence. Many self-starters have educated themselves in the ways of business and learned through experience and travel. Evaluate they type of education your partner invested in and whether it matches your own values.


Reading between the lines is an important dating skill. Try to ask yourself what kind of motivations your date has and how they align with your own life goals and values. Open-mindedness is frequently rewarded in love: our expert matchmakers might open your eyes to someone you would never have previously considered. Ultimately, matchmaking services provide better quality dates with compatible personality types for the ultimate dating experience. Contact us today for matchmaking services that fit your life.

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