5 Untraditional Valentine’s Day Ideas

Posted by Kelleher International on Feb 13, 2015 7:26:32 AM

kelleher_valentineValentine’s Day traditionally entails red roses, boxed chocolates, dinners at upscale restaurants, and gift giving. However, embracing these customs year after year can become tiresome and a bit…expected. At Kelleher International, we know that one way to keep a romance alive is with surprise. Varying the way a holiday is celebrated even just a tad can make all the difference. This keeps both individuals in the relationship on their toes. It also adds for an element of wonder. In order to spice up this holiday, we have five untraditional Valentine’s Day ideas for you and your date!

Bouquet of flowers – Substitute the typical bouquet of flowers with something more unexpected. For example, if your loved one is a fanatic of a specific type of sweet, make them a bouquet out of that. This might include chocolate covered fruit, candy, etc. Another idea is to substitute the idea of a bouquet entirely. Step away from the generic expectation of roses and replace it with a potted plant. Either have the plant already potted, or if your significant other enjoys gardening, purchase the pot, soil, and plant for them to create the masterpiece. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving, and provides them with something they can take care of and watch grow.

Box of chocolates – A box of chocolates has become a Valentine’s Day staple. Not only is this ideal for the chocolate fiends, but its additional appeal is the surprise. Not knowing what each candy holds inside, be it caramel or almonds, is part of the fun. However, for an exciting alternative, grab a bandana or silk fabric and some of your favorite treats. Then, blindfold each other one at a time for a sensual food tasting. Have your partner try different flavors and make them guess what it is while blindfolded.

Restaurant dinner date – Not only are restaurants overly crowded on Valentine’s Day, but dinner dates can be cliché when it comes to celebrating with a loved one. Mix it up by cooking together at home, packing up the meal, and sneaking off to a secluded outdoor location. This might be along a hiking trail, somewhere on the beach, near the base of a mountain, in your own backyard, etc. Make sure to bring any blankets, pillows, or additional beverages that would make the experience even more enjoyable.

Night on the town – Whether you typically go out for dinner, drinks, to an art show or other display, consider something else. Sometimes there’s nothing more romantic than simply relaxing with your loved one. Rent a hotel room and escape for a staycation. Ditch the hustle and bustle of the city and isolate yourselves in a new room for just the two of you. Bring the food, wine, and dessert. Put on a movie or play your favorite game. Whatever you choose to do, it might be nice to simply take the pressure off of going out amongst the crowd. This way you can converse easily and enjoy the intimacy of being alone. 

Gifts for one another – Rather than investing in one another’s gifts for Valentine’s Day, consider using that time and money to do something else: volunteer. Helping those in need can be much more gratifying than an evening out buying gourmet food and presents. Consider an animal shelter or humane society, food bank, national park, library, or retirement home. Spend this holiday giving back or donating to any of these locations. Not only does this allow the couple to spend time together in a new environment, but it also enables them to give back to their own community.  

As illustrated, there are several ways to add a bit of variety to this holiday. If you and your date are ready to mix things up, experiment with one of these suggestions! However, if Valentine’s Day is still an uncertainty for you, we can help. Refer to our guide to surviving Valentine’s Day.

For any other of your dating questions or needs, please feel free to contact us today. We are here to help.


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