5 Ways You Can be Courageous in Love

Posted by Kelleher International on Feb 17, 2017 3:28:00 PM

man kissing woman-1.jpgWhen most people think about the qualities of a successful relationship, they generally focus on selflessness, accountability, the ability to compromise, thoughtfulness, trust, flexibility, patience, etc. However, there is one other trait that often goes overlooked: courage. This is a quintessential part of any successful, long-lasting relationship, and it factors into so much more than just working up the nerve to ask someone on a first date. Here are some tips from our matchmakers to help you discover your own courage when navigating the sometimes tricky dating scene.

Start a Conversation

Your first act of courage in a new relationship doesn’t have to be anything big. Relax, be yourself, and start a conversation. Try to tone down the nervous chatter, but don’t be afraid to indulge in small talk at first as the conversation finds its cadence. Whether you’re asking someone out on a date or you’re out on a blind date with someone chosen by our matchmakers, be bold and just go for it! The first date is always a bit nerve-wracking so enjoy it for what it is: a learning tool.

Make a Move

Asking someone on a second date isn’t always easy. People are often unsure of their date’s level of interest, so they fear rejection. Even if it means jumping into a potentially awkward situation, take the chance and make your move. Besides, the worst that can happen is they say no. At that point, move on and find someone who appreciates your courage!

Say “I Love You” First

Confessing your feelings for each other is an important milestone in any relationship, especially if you want to move into a deeper and more meaningful partnership. The roadblock that will usually prevent this from happening is the question of who will say “I love you” first. This is your first true challenge on the road to becoming more courageous in love. Like all the other challenges in your life, you have to bolster yourself and face it head on.

Take the Leap

Making a commitment to another person takes courage. There’s always the risk you’lll get hurt, but there’s also the reward of a loving relationship with someone who understands you and wants to make you happy. You can’t make a commitment of this level without trust and understanding between yourself and your partner, so take a deep breath and jump in.

Facing potential rejection is a part of life. You face these kinds of risks every day in your professional life to reach the kind of success you enjoy, so take the same stance in your personal life and really ask for what you want – you deserve it. Kelleher International is a global leader in executive matchmaking and will help you find the match of your dreams, so be brave in love and embrace the new you. Contact us today!

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