7 Ways to Tell If You’re Ready for a Committed Relationship

Posted by Kelleher International on Nov 28, 2014 6:56:00 AM

KelleherIntl4Are you ready to take the next step in your love life? The transition from dating to a real relationship is a serious one. Committing another person does come with several requirements from both parties. At Kelleher International, we understand how exhilarating, difficult and overwhelming it can be to open up to a real relationship. However, in order for this committed bond to thrive and grow, the two individuals must first be fully prepared and open to the idea. There are seven key ways to tell if you are ready for a committed relationship: 

  • You are independent – Individuals who have found themselves at a secure and confident point in their lives are more inclined to be independent and simultaneously welcoming to a committed relationship. For instance, independence means that person does not need another to complete them; they are happy with who and where they are in life. Additionally, before jumping into a relationship, it is important to learn how to enjoy time alone. If there is a constant need to be with others or find distractions to reach fulfillment, someone might not be ready. One must first be stable and on their own two feet in order to give fully to another.
  • You are unattached to exes – The last thing someone wants when entering a new relationship is to find out that the other person is still attached to their ex. These lingering feelings are bound to cause problems and hesitation moving forward. In order to commit to a relationship, you must first completely open up to the idea of someone new without attachment to someone from their past. As stated above, they must first be independent and happily on their own.
  • You let go of the checklist – We have all been there before. Dating too easily causes people to tally up their checklist of requirements and deal breakers when it comes to an ideal partner. Whether based on height, professional occupation, or specific interests, living by this checklist only holds people back from finding someone unexpected that they may truly love. While standards are still a must, it is important to let go of the checklist and simply let be.
  • You are willing to accept – To expand on the elimination of the checklist, you must also be ready to accept others completely for who they are. If someone feels that they can “change” their partner, then they are not ready for a committed relationship. It is important to understand that someone’s nature cannot and will not be changed by another. You can, however, motivate one another to be the best possible versions of yourselves. This is different from changing someone in the sense that both parties are motiving one another to be stronger, healthier and happier.
  • You have plans for the future – Before entering a new relationship, it is important for both partners to have some insight to their own personal paths in life. There should be goals and a clear indication that positive steps are being taken to achieve these goals. It is difficult to start a life with someone and move forward when the other individual is stuck. However, it is also important to be able to notice the difference between someone who is stuck and someone who has unfortunately been served one of life’s curveballs and simply needs time to get back on their feet.
  • You have the will to compromise – If you feel the desire to compromise and put your partner’s interests before yours, you might just be ready for a committed relationship. When you take your significant other’s wants and needs to heart and act accordingly, this shows attentiveness. This might include watching a certain show they love that you do not, moving somewhere new due to a job relocation or family, or simply finishing an activity that they want to do. Compromise is essential for committed relationships to work. More importantly, there must be equal give and take.
  • You have the ability to let the little things go – Couples spend a significant amount of time together every day. It is inevitable that both partners will get on the other’s nerves from time to time. However, what makes one ready for a committed relationship is their ability to let go of the little things. Holding onto or making a mess out of small faults will cause stress. This will initiate fights. If you find yourself constantly annoyed, bothered or nitpicking, this is a signal that you might not be ready for a committed relationship. In love, one must choose their battles. If fights frequently occur, then there is an issue.

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