9 Ways to Kick First-Date Nerves

Posted by Kelleher International on Jan 9, 2015 7:15:00 AM

kelleher_nervesA first date comes with an exhilarating amount of excitement, eagerness and nerves. Meeting someone new in a romantic setting can inflict quite a bit of stress on an individual. There is pressure to look and feel your best, maintain fluid conversation, and simply leave an impression. However, with a different perspective and a few other tips, there are specific ways to beat these feelings of apprehension. Here are nine ways to kick the first-date nerves! 

1. Feel confident – It is important to feel your best before and during the date. In order to encourage this, choose an outfit you love and are comfortable in. Give yourself a pep talk or ask for one from a friend! Remember what attributes make you stand out, and be sure to focus on those. These are just a few of the many ways to build confidence before a date.

2. Get active – Before the date, go for a jog, hit the gym, or practice a yoga session. Physical activity has been shown to help reduce levels of nervousness and increase endorphins. Exercise has also been shown to increase levels of confidence, which encourages tip #1.

3. Have fun getting ready – Getting ready is when the nerves can really kick in. Questions about how we look, how the date will look, and whether the right outfit and accessories were chosen come into play. Destroy these nerves by having fun while primping. Play some of your favorite music, enjoy a drink (but no more than one!), or invite a friend or family member over to help with the preparations.

4. Schedule at the perfect time – The date should be scheduled to where both individuals have enough time to get ready, but are not waiting around for hours to begin the date. For example, if you get off work at 5, perhaps schedule the date for 7 so that there is just enough time to freshen up and relax beforehand. You do not want to be unoccupied beforehand, watching the clock tick. This only encourages the nerves.

5. Remember their nerves – First dates can feel like an interview. However, it is important to remember that chances are your date is just as nervous! Take comfort in this. You are both going through a first date together.

6. Conversation – Lulls in conversation can be inevitable on first dates. If this is the case, simply remember that your date is just a person. Accordingly, ask them about themselves. Inquire about family, work, personal interests and hobbies, favorite foods or sports teams, etc. These questions will organically lead to other topics as well.

7. Laugh – An ideal way to beat nerves is to simply laugh them off. If you find yourself anxious or overthinking the date, try to crack a joke. Or, suggest a date that revolves around laughter, such as a comedy show. This will help lighten the mood and ease any nerves that previously resided.

8. Find an interest – As the conversation ensues, try to find a common interest amongst the two of you. Whether this be a beloved sports team, favorite restaurant, or somewhere unique that both of you have visited, focus on this commonality for a moment. Connecting over something that the two of you are knowledge about and have experience in will help make the outing seem like less of an interview and more of a…(dare we say it) date!

9. Relax – Remember to relax. If you are both at dinner, for instance, and the physical act of sitting across the table from your date makes the nerves act up, simply breathe. Take a moment to resettle. Ease the shoulders, take a deep breath, and try to clear your mind. Focus on actually getting to know your date while having fun. A relaxed mentality puts less pressure on the outing, and allows the individuals to be themselves.

At Kelleher International, we promise to find elite dates for our clients based on our selective matchmaking services. Before that romantic outing, however, be sure to utilize these tips to help kick those first-date nerves! If you are still looking for that special someone, we can help; our firm is here to introduce you to your future partner. 

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