A Matchmaker Love Story

Posted by Kelleher International on Oct 20, 2017 9:22:34 AM

Kelleher Matchmaker Laurie Hohman

A life well-lived can become a story for the ages inspiring others to take leaps of faith and live their best life. From business to adventure and love, when in doubt opening yourself up to possibilities is always the right move.

Kelleher’s Laurie Hohman spent part of her professional life as a career coach, helping people find their path and dream job. When the opportunity presented itself to shift gears and assist people in finding their perfect partner Laurie knew it was the right next chapter for her own life.

As a career coach and now as a national matchmaker for Kelleher, Laurie recognizes the ruts people find themselves in. “We’re all guilty of it,” she said. “We fall into negative patterns of what we think will lead to our success whether it be in love or our professional lives.  Some of these patterns often deter us from the things we most want. It can be difficult to break old patterns and dispel preconceived notions.”

Laurie’s advice? “In both the life and love departments, you must remain open-minded. Embrace change and not only welcome but appreciate the lessons you learn during the process. Finding that "special one," in my opinion is the most important decision you will make in your lifetime.”  

As a coach in life and love, Laurie indeed has the heart for service. She feels fortunate to connect with others on a daily basis. “Everyone has a story to be told, and I am truly honored to play a small role in the outcome,” she beamed.

Every love story is beautiful, but Laurie recalled a special Kelleher connection. “This particular Kelleher couple spent a year globetrotting around four continents. They blogged for a year sharing everything they were feeling and experiencing and turned it into a novel. Kelleher is fictionalized as The Agency in the novel. I recently spoke with the author, and he indicated that his partner had recently passed away.  He reminded me that his love story is indeed "more evidence that we should pursue love while we can." How beautiful and true is that?”

If the idea of getting help with your love life makes you uncomfortable, Laurie has some insight. “Don't be embarrassed or ashamed to reach out to Kelleher matchmaking. It does not mean that you cannot do it on your own. We know you can, but the reality is that when our lives as a whole become too busy, we put the prospect of love on the backburner. There’s no need for that! We handpick every date with your best interests in mind.”

Trust is a critical component in business and love. As a matchmaker and coach, Laurie emphasizes the importance of trust between client and matchmaker. “It is not only our job but also our purpose to place your heart at the center of what we do. So, please, embrace the journey. Let yourself relax and have fun with the matches we make for you; that’s when good things happen.”

What will the story of your life be? Every day you write another page. “Remember not to rush,” Laurie advises. “Eventually, the right match will come along. Remain hopeful and open to change and growth, and I promise you will write the story of a lifetime.”

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