Matchmaker's Perspective: The Journey

Posted by Kelleher International on May 25, 2017 10:00:00 AM

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Let’s be honest. None of us know how the story ends, yet we spend so much of our lives speculating and trying to control the path. Inevitably we feel quite certain we indeed know “exactly how this is going to go.” It’s part of the human condition.

And there’s no area of life where we do this more than in romantic love.

We asked the kind, soft-spoken, romantic Executive Matchmaker, Kira Crelly to weigh in on how best to navigate the vulnerable, and sometimes scary journey to love.

“As simple as it sounds, keeping both your heart and mind open is the best thing you can do to set yourself up for finding true love,” Kira said.

She reflected on one successful match that serves as an example of how an open mind can change the course of your life. “I was working with a thirty-something client who came to us with a very particular vision of who he was seeking. It was a tall order. I remember being very excited when presenting this potential match to him - the only problem - she was out of his age bracket newly graduated from college and beginning her career, so his assumption was they were on very different pages in life. With a little encouragement, he remained open to the possibility, and they had a great first interaction. A few dates later, he shared with me that the age difference wasn't an issue like he initially thought it might be. They were aligned on the important things and shared a similar set of values such as their prioritization of family and making time to participate in frequent family gatherings, genuine admiration and respect, open communication and a similar style of self-expression.  I’m happy to report they recently celebrated their 1-year wedding anniversary.”

Every decision we make is meaningful and measures our journey. Staying open protects us from pigeonholing ourselves into a “type” with a rigid list of demands of our future partner's lifestyle and personality. Kira added, “You never know how love is going to show up and in what package it will arrive. Trust me. I see it happen all the time.”

In dating, age tends to be one of the biggest hang-ups for men and women alike, but there are youthful souls and those wise beyond their years wrongly defined by the number of birthdays they’ve celebrated. It’s hard as individuals to check that tired mentality at the door, so it’s helpful to have a matchmaker gathering all of the information providing the broad perspective we’re perhaps too close to see ourselves.

The Kelleher International matchmakers are authentic, intuitive, and capable of guiding you on your adventures in romance. “I love being a part of our clients' journeys and seeing the transformations that take place as we bring them closer to finding their person. There's nothing more special than knowing you brought two people together. I love love!” Kira laughed.

Are you ready to consider a new path to love? If you’re willing to date outside the proverbial box, call Kelleher International to learn more about our process and how we can support you on your journey to true love. You never know... the decision to call Kelleher just might be the little spark that lights your life.

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