Avoid Dating Fatigue

Posted by Kelleher International on Sep 1, 2017 11:58:57 AM

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It’s never been easier to date. Through social media and a plethora of dating apps and sites, you can swipe your way into a date in no time. Of course, doing so without maintaining a sense of mindfulness can set you up for a hard fall. Dating fatigue is real and if ignored can ignite a slew of negative feelings such as boredom, cynicism, demoralization, and resignation when it comes to love. 

Staying socially engaged and open is essential when you’re dating and looking for your perfect match. But being an active single can become exhausting if you’re not good at the balancing act of it all. Our Kelleher International scouts all over the world seek eligible singles to join our elite executive dating network. While in the field they learn what the dating landscape looks like for you and have compiled a few tips to help you maintain your balance while looking for love so as to avoid dating fatigue.

The minute you find yourself apathetic about the people you’re meeting and dating, it’s time to pump the brakes. If you’re off your rhythm and dating feels like a full-time job it’s okay to pause and regroup. You showing up on dates disinterested and resigned is a waste of everyone’s time. Hide your profile for a bit and disengage from the dating scene so you can focus on self-care. Allow yourself to get back to center before jumping back out there.

Consider group activities to take the pressure off as you ease back into the dating scene. Join an intramural sporting league or volunteer with a local organization to expand your circle organically. Social mixers are coming back into fashion and are an ideal way for single friends to dip their toes in the dating pool together. Check your local event sites for fun social experiences in your city. Kelleher International hosts seasonal events for our members to mix and mingle with other eligible singles.

When you are ready to get back to 1:1 dating, spend some time pre-date getting your mind right. Make sure you’re showing up as your best self with a healthy mindset. Take a 15-minute power nap if you need to reset after a hectic day at the office. What if you find you're too tired to get over the hump and need to cancel on your date? Be honest about it with them by picking up the phone and having an open conversation. You never know, they might be so understanding and have a great change of plans recommendation that’s just what the doctor ordered. Matchmaker Tip: Do not ever cancel a date via text at the last minute.

Manage your dating expectations by not having any. You’re meeting a new person with the opportunity to get to know them. Let that be the focus and hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Be authentically you. If you don’t like someone romantically, it’s okay. You don’t have to explain yourself or give people chances to grow on you. If you aren’t interested, definitely don’t lie or make up stories to spare their feelings. As long as you are compassionate in your honesty, you aren’t doing anything wrong.

Stop swiping and try the old school method. Dating apps can make you feel disposable, especially when you’ve been on them a while. Consider matchmaking where your exact needs are examined by an actual person whose priority is finding your perfect match. If you are tired of online dating and want to experience the art of matchmaking, please message us to learn more.

Have you reached burnout from a string of dating disappointments? Do you have tips for avoiding dating fatigue? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below. 

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