Posted by Amber Kelleher on Nov 1, 2010 3:00:00 AM

I don't need to tell you about the insane pressure we all put ourselves through around Thanksgiving, and the stress we generate. Whose home are we going to? Do I call her by her first name or 'Mom'? What if his brother doesn't like me? Drama everywhere. Here

are three great ways to either reduce the tension of turkey day, or redirect the power of the season to have a great holiday!

Volunteer: a great shared giving experience can define a memorable Thanksgiving. When you open your heart to the less fortunate, you inevitably open your heart to each other. It doesn't have to crowd out any dinner plans, there are plenty of opportunities from the weekend-before through the morning-of Thanksgiving. Even if you're traveling for a destination holiday, it is easy to find a local event to add philanthropy to the holiday. My favorite source for finding opportunities to give is One Brick, or if you are outside of the major cities they serve I look to All For Good.

Create some Couple Time: you've driven out to her brother's house in Amagansett and are surrounded by two dozen family members - find some time for the two of you to take a solo drive down Lily Pond Lane to enjoy the changing leaves and the rough Atlantic waters off Main Beach. You're spending a long weekend at her parent's place in Lake Forest - grab the train to downtown Chicago and share a local beer from 96 floors up at the Signature Lounge (I reccomend the 2010 award winning Goose Island Sofie). Whatever your plans, take some 'alone time' for you and your romance to be together on this holiday.

Reflect and Project: the power of this holiday is that it celebrates the abundance we all have. Create some time for you and your romance to share with each other the abundance of your relationship: What is special about the two of you as a couple? When did he first touch your heart? How have you become different since you've been together? Then, share with each other something you hope to be grateful for in a year: some shared travel adventures, more of the same great romance, or some big 'next step' as a couple. Use the power of Thanksgiving to strengthen your relationship.

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