Annual Kelleher International Costume Roundup

Posted by Amber Kelleher on Sep 29, 2012 10:13:00 PM

In past years we’ve highlighted the best and worst of singles’ and couples’ costumes, but this year we’re going to try something different. We are going to give you three rules for judging costumes and then, it’s quiz time.

Rule #1: Men should be powerful, women should be sexy

Rule #2: Funny lasts for 20 minutes, powerful/sexy lasts alllll night

Rule #3: Be WHO you want to be, not WHAT you want to be

Rate each of our costumes from 1 [bad] to 5 [great] and then check the answers below to see how you did.

Costume A Costume B


Costume C Costume D


Costume E Costume F



A: Sexy and borderline powerful. Her sexiness may be overpowered by general Star Trek nerdiness, and everyone knows the Red Shirt gets killed on every mission. TOTAL SCORE: 4

B: Not sexy, not powerful, she'll get mad if you spend too much time looking into her 'eyes', too soon to dress as a married couple. TOTAL SCORE: 2

C: Violates all three rules and soon you'll be that couple that keeps knocking things over and are asked to leave. TOTAL SCORE: 1

D: Sexy...check. Powerful...check. Timely with the retirement of the shuttle one will pick up on that. Can you wear white after Labor Day? TOTAL SCORE: 4

E: It's fun to be a cowboy. Delicious double entendre in the name. A great PG-13 couple's costume. TOTAL SCORE: 4

F: Hard to beat the sex appeal of plunge + pitchfork. Satan is high on the all-time powerful list. Setting a naughty tone early in the evening could lead to a memorable Halloween. TOTAL SCORE: 5

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