Ask for the sale

Posted by Amber Kelleher on Mar 5, 2012 12:39:00 AM

I've heard dating called "personal marketing" a million times, and there is definitely some truth in building a "brand" and keeping focused on your "marketing objectives". But I find that too often, even our clients that embrace the basic marketing principles of "focus on benefits, not features" or "have a true voice", they too often come up short in the final moment when it comes to "closing the deal".

The problem is, they don't "ask for the sale".

Enough with the sales metaphor. What I'm saying is that vulnerability creates opportunities in dating, and the great vulnerability of saying "I like you" or "I'd really like to see you again" does more to accelerate a relationship than five dozen roses or a handful of the most thought out dates. No one can read minds, and everyone is terrible at reading body language and other hidden signals. If you want it, ask for it and share why you want it. Don't just say "I'd like to go on another date", say "I haven't laughed this hard in ten years, let's do this again", or "tonight with you made me feel like a teenager, I'd love to see you again".

Repeat: vulnerability creates opportunity, and 'ask for the sale'.

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