Ask the Team Member: August

Posted by Amber Kelleher on Aug 1, 2011 4:03:00 AM

Featured Team Member: Angela We’ve only been dating for two months and I get the feeling the she’s “decided”, but I feel like I’m still “thinking”. What do I do?

When clients come to Kelleher, they are all seeking “The One” and have the desire and intent to build long-term relationships. But every person has a different “relationship clock”, and just because she’s “decided” doesn’t mean you’re under pressure to make some big next move. To get the two of you to the same “destination”, here are a couple of thoughts: Enjoy it! Take joy from the fact that this great woman wants to be with you and use that thrill to propel you forward, not pull back. Remember what you wanted a few months back? This is it! Embrace Time. No matter where she is in her decision, you both need relationship time to understand what “normal” is like after the initial few months. Don't race to the finish line, but rather take the time to savor each moment of getting to know each other and appreciate these special moments that you won't have a second time. Get re-Grounded in your “Must” list. In working with you we’ve helped you formulate the short list of “musts” that you are looking for in “The One” that will create the life you aspire to – shared goals, core values, personality, etc. Re-connect with this list to keep yourself on your own decision timeline. Don’t Ignore It, but Don’t Magnify It. At Kelleher International we have a constant mantra of openness and honesty. If you think that her having “decided” is beginning to create increased tension, then call it out and work through how it makes you feel together with her. This openness will make your relationship stronger on every front. Our team is here to make great introductions and to help you make great choices!

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