Four Ways to Prepare for Meeting "the One"

Posted by Amber Kelleher on Sep 1, 2010 7:49:00 AM

At Kelleher International we meet very few singles who want to be alone. I hear a lot of excuses as to why people are alone; I receivea lot of promises that “next month I’m going to get serious”; and mostly I watch the weeks turn into months and (sometimes unfortunately) turn into years

without some singles taking the first steps necessary to find “The One”.If this is you, then I say that this is the day to change your strategy of “hope” into “do”, and begin down the road to finding your great match. To get this started, and to set yourself up for a lifetime of happiness, I want you to do four things:

Say Goodbye to the Past Congratulations on your decision and commitment to finding “The One” -- it is the most important thing you will ever do. But before you can open your heart to new possibilities, you have to release yourself from past successes and failures in love. No new relationship can compete with the romanticized-memory of some past amor, and no potential romance should pay the penalty for any past love that didn’t work out. Wash away the past and begin this next chapter free and clear!

Focus on Values As part of the Membership process at Kelleher International, we work closely with our clients to identify those important characteristics in a match that will make for a lifetime of happiness. If you have talked to us even once about our network, I’m sure one of the first things we did was to try to get you to shed your old dating checklist and just focus on the two or three things our matchmakers need to look for in a match that line up with your values. Values are the path the love, checklists are the path to grocery shopping.

Expect Success You attract what you project. You receive what you radiate. This isn’t some new age visualization advice, this is just a reality of human nature. There is something in the natural attraction that occurs between men and woman that is amplified by positive expectations. I can’t tell you if it’s pheromones or Cupid’s arrows, I can just tell you that after more than two decades bringing together elite singles all across the globe that without positive expectations, our clients almost never enjoy positive results.

Select the Expert. It’s very simple. You work with a personal trainer to stay fit. You hire a search firm for your business expansion. You seek a specialist when looking for medical advice. Your love life is no different. The most important decision of your life is who you spend your life with. Kelleher International is the most experienced team of professional matchmakers in the country. We search daily through our exclusive database of the most eligible single menand women and arrange exciting dates in romantic cities. What are you waiting for? Isn't it time we selectyour perfect match? For the most important things in your life you reach out to the professionals that can help you be successful. It is no different when searching for “the One”; you should seek help from great professionals that can help you find love.

Today could be the day you start down the path to love – take action and call now for your free consultation! 1-800-401-MATCH (6282)


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