Hot Women and Paper Plates: Gentlemen...How to Work a BBQ

Posted by Amber Kelleher on Jul 9, 2012 6:06:00 AM

With summer in full swing your black-tie soirees have probably given way to more grill-centric celebrations. Every event is an opportunity…will you be the ketchup or the hot sauce at the next BBQ? Here are four things to do the next time Boy meets Grill.

Deluxe Condiments: women will remember what you wear to the BBQ. You can either fade into the crowd of your t-shirt, sports jersey, cargo shorts and flip flop competition, or you can show up with the message “I look good, you should look good too”. We’re talking button-down collar short-sleeve shirt or NEW polo-tee. Match that with non-khaki, no side pockets, plaid-maybe mid-thigh shorts that say “I know how to put it together”. Ditch the flip flops for leather sandals or nice shoes/no socks and top it off with nice sunglasses you can take off to make eye contact for the first time.

Don’t Settle for Anything less than USDA Prime: The competition for the 6s and 7s at a party is most fierce – average guys think they have a better shot than with the 9s and 10s. Let them have the tier-two lookers and focus only on the best women at the party.

Approach with Purpose: Prep your mindset for “group approach”, it’s almost impossible to separate a women off for a little one-on-one, so be ready to engage a group. If you roll up with “hey how you guys doing?” you might as well open with “you’ll forget about me about three minutes after I leave the conversation”. Join your target group as an expert “I wanted to let everyone know that the avocado red pepper rémoulade combo is the secret to the best burgers here tonight”. Join as a bus boy “I’m here taking drink orders, but only if that order is margarita”. Show up and take some center stage if you want to make an impression.

Don’t let Your Beer get Warm: the BBQ is not the place to close the deal, it is the place to pique interest and make sure you have a way to contact her the next day. Impress her, find out how she is connected to the BBQ in a way that you get her details from someone else, and then before your beer gets warm talking to her (and her group), make an exit.


Summer BBQs are a great place to meet women, and a little prep and a little strategy goes a long way.

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