How Pretty Do I Need to Be?

Posted by Amber Kelleher on Mar 1, 2012 12:00:00 AM

The men of the Kelleher International network are at the top of their fields in everything from athletics to business to academia. New women joining our network sometimes ask me "how pretty do I need to be to be part of the Kelleher network?"

In an ideal world I might say "looks don't matter", but we all know the role that attractiveness plays in courtship. What I will say is that at Kelleher we look for broad range of beauty types, and don't limit ourselves to the very narrow "fashion model" beauty. So to answer this question on your own, which of these four categories would you place yourself?

Natural Beauty You look your best with very little makeup, maybe tousled hair, an Irish cable sweater and a peaceful smile

Health Beauty You take great care of yourself, you love an early morning run or quick set of tennis and get a great glow when you sweat. When a guy sees the care you take of yourself, he translates that to imagining the care you will take of him.

Intelligence Beauty There is something seductive about smart women. There's a reason that Denise Richards played a nuclear physicist in a James Bond movie.

Happiness Beauty What you radiate is reflected back at you. Katherine Hepburn famousy said that 'Happy girls are the prettiest girls'.

There are many types of beauty that appeal to the men of the Kelleher International network, don't judge yourself by the wrong measure.

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