How Your Reputation Impacts Your Love Life

Posted by Kelleher International on Feb 3, 2014 1:40:00 PM


You may not realize it, but your reputation plays a huge role in your dating life. In the professional world, potential clients and partners base their willingness to do business with you on their initial perceptions. In the dating

world, you may be gifted with beauty beyond compare, but without a good reputation, your dating choices will be severely limited. At the beginning of each year, we often take a hard look at ourselves and resolve to change things in our lives. Keeping with that theme, we have put together a few basic guidelines to clean up your reputation and making yourself stand out to potential love interests that similarly have good standing.

  • Make others look good. If your friend has set you up with a date, be sure you put your best foot forward. Dress to impress, be impeccably polite and well-mannered, and let your personality shine. Even if it does not work out with this person, your appearance and behavior will build up your friend's reputation - and your own - in the eyes of your date. They may recommend you to one of their own friends as a potential date, or end up introducing you to others that will fit into your professional network. By making the referring party look good for introducing you, your personal and professional reputation will swiftly grow.
  • Keep your word. If you say that you will call the person that you had a date with last night, do it. Do not compromise your reputation by only sending them a text or email. Those in business know how important it is to be trustworthy and follow up with every potential client in a timely manner. It is so much more important in your personal life to follow up with those you hope to develop relationships with.
  • Dress to impress. First impressions matter, so never leave home without looking your best. Like it or not, others make judgments about your appearance before ever speaking with you, so your body language and attire are wholly important. Even for a trip to the gym, make sure your clothes are clean, unwrinkled, well-fitting, and flattering. For everyday attire, wear clothes that go slightly above the dress code of the situation you are in. Others will always be more impressed by someone who is overdressed rather than under-dressed.
  • Be Consistent. You cannot fake your way to a good reputation. Think of it like a diet. If you choose a fad crash diet, you will probably only follow it for a week or two before you crash and burn. When it comes to have an upstanding reputation, show the same great qualities to all people in all situations. You cannot be a pleasant and delightful guest when at a company function but act like a jerk when you are having dinner out with friends. Negative perceptions of your persona unfortunately spread faster and further than positive perceptions.
  • Help others. Go out of your way to make a difference in your community. Having a good reputation goes beyond just taking care of your own well-being. Look for opportunities to engage with local service groups to make a difference in the world around you. Hold the door open for others or offer to assist others in your company after your own work is completed. You have to act with integrity at all times. This makes you more likeable and open for others to come and talk to. These could be future clients, coworkers, friends or significant others. Treat everyone with respect and live your life as honestly and authentically as possible, and the rewards will be many.

If you have anyone in your life that demonstrates these traits through their excellent character, you can probably admit that these are the ones you admire and hold in the highest regard. Their reputations speak positively for them and so they do not have to waste valuable time "selling themselves" or bragging about their accomplishments. Instead, other people will speak on your behalf without ever being asked to. Building a positive reputation should be your priority no matter what you do, but especially for those looking for love with another decent and well thought-of person.

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