In This Month's Glamour Magazine, Amber Kelleher-Andrews says "Put Your Cell Phone Away!"

Posted by Amber Kelleher on Aug 21, 2013 11:06:00 AM

In recent years, with the nonstop cavalcade of newly emerging technology that continues to influence and infiltrate our lives on a day-to-day basis, distractions are all-pervading and, oftentimes, impossible to ignore. Whether it's the TV, laptop, video game console, your cell phone, or all of the above, there's constantly something that can interrupt time you could be spending with your significant other.

Cell phones, in particular, can become a distraction because they can do so much nowadays. They're a digital Swiss Army knife allowing you to surf the internet, send emails, text friends, watch movies, stream TV shows, play music, and so much more. The cell phone, to put it bluntly, has become the bane of many relationships. Don't let this happen to you.

When it comes the dating, first appearances obviously matter, regardless of how sadly superficial this sounds. When you're planning on meeting a date for the first time, Amber Kelleher-Andrews is adamant that we need to start changing our behavior when she pleads with daters to "put away your damn phone!" in the September issue of Glamour Magazine.

CEO of her own successful elite online matchmaking service, Amber is all too aware of how incessantly playing with a phone when in the company of a prospective boyfriend or girlfriend can be wholly detrimental to the success of any relationship in its budding initial stages. Cell phone over-usage in these kinds of situations can create the impression that you're uninterested and indifferent, that you're perpetually glued to some kind of computerized gadget whenever you spend time together. Amber continues: "We're always looking into our devices, so we don't talk to people as much anymore. We don't make connections."

Amber also opens up about this subject in a dating blog post where she says that the essential thing to keep in mind is "when you finally get a date with the one that you're interested in, don't blow it up by upstaging them with your cell phone." She states that conducting yourself like this "is rude and gives your date the feeling that someone else is more important than them." It's mind-boggling to think of a reason why someone would want to sabotage their chances of finding a loving connection, consciously or not.

Glamour Magazine, September 2013 Issue

For those who may have a personal emergency that can threaten to derail a successfully romantic date (or perhaps something that could potentially go awry, such as an unreliable babysitter), Amber recommends that "If you are a parent and need to keep your phone close by, I suggest that you set a special ring tone for emergency calls. Tell your date ahead of time that if you hear a special ring you will need to answer your phone. Aside from that, they have your undivided attention."

In most cases, the biggest problem is that, even though you're in the room with the person, even though you're present and accounted for, you're not really THERE. So either leave the phone at home, or at least keep it out of plain sight when your date arrives. As Amber advises in Glamour, "Sign off with an emoji, look up, and actually real-life smile."

After all, if you're lucky enough to find your one in six billion, why run the risk of losing them?


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