Investing in a First Date

Posted by Kelleher International on Feb 27, 2014 9:41:00 AM



First dates often carry a bad reputation, and for good reason. In general, they can be awkward, difficult and unnerving. However, they can also be great experiences for those who know how to approach a first date in much the same way as you approach your business. We have compared business to dating before, but this time we can compare dating to business. A first date is to the first, best and sometimes only opportunity you have to present your brand.

As much as we may want to distance ourselves from marketing buzz terms when referring to ourselves and our relationships, sometimes thinking of matters in this way makes sense for making the best first impression possible. One of the best ways you can ensure that this happens is to imagine how your date will describe you to his or her friends after the evening is over. If you want your absolute best characteristics described, you will need to make sure they become part of the conversation. Find ways to weave interesting stories into the conversation that are exemplary of the virtues that you like best about yourself.
However, one common mistake people make on a first date is submitting a verbal resume right away. Instead of turning the date into a job interview, tell stories about yourself. This does not mean that you need to make things up, but it certainly means that you should make your life interesting. Instead of saying what you do for a living, talk about what lead you to pursue that career path. Ask probing questions that delve deeper into your date’s story and you will be rewarded with greater insight about what he or she likes or dislikes. The stronger connection formed from sharing stories together will make for a more enjoyable conversation and a better chance for a relationship in the long term.

Remember, almost everyone has at least a few hours of “interesting” in them. The better prepared you are to find these nuggets of gold, the more you will enjoy the idea of a first date and be able to keep fresh perspective of all your future relationships. The first date is an investment of sorts. You would likely be willing to spend quality time with another person if there was a strong chance that by being charming, graceful and at your best, you could win a few million dollars. Now imagine that instead of money, you could win a lifetime of love and companionship, which we can all agree is worth much more. A handful of first time dates seems like a small investment in comparison. Enjoy yourself and keep an open mind. A date is an exciting chance to meet someone new and thrill in the uniqueness of all people. Prepare yourself with the mindset of open opportunity and joy and you will create the greatest potential for making a connection.

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