Is a Matchmaker right for me?

Posted by Amber Kelleher on Apr 2, 2012 1:49:00 AM

decisionA couple of times a week when I am meeting with a prospective Member I hear the phrase "I'm not sure if a match maker is right for me."

Obviously, I'm biased, but in that moment, rather than pitch Kelleher International's twenty-seven years of experience or our extensive network, I try to turn the question around.

"Are you happy with the current state of love, connection, personal partnership and companionship in your life?"

"What is your confidence that this will change in the next twelve months?"

"Does your business use salespeople? Does an accountant help you with your taxes? Do you use a lawyer for specific purposes? Do you believe engaging a professional matchmaker will dramatically change the likelihood that you will meet the person you have been unable to find?"

The objections to engaging a matchmaker we encounter most regularly are pretty straightforward. It's almost never about the cost -- nothing is more expensive than loneliness or unused compassion. More often the objections are rooted in a mistaken understanding of our business based on a TV show (those shows have as much similarity to what Kelleher International does as Grey's Anatomy does to life as a physician or Glee represents life in a typical high school) or some misplaced embarrassment or past bad online dating experience (that is the most common).

Is engaging a match maker right for you?

Ask yourself the questions...

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Whether you are a new client flying off to Paris for your first match or have been happily married for more than twenty years, Kelleher International wants to be your resource to make your journey of love wildly fulfilling, exciting, dynamic, and deeply passionate.

We’ll talk about strategies for dating success, navigating relationship land mines, and the mindset it takes to find love and make it blossom.  We will put current events in the context of seeking love and even give you a little window into the match making business and how a centuries-old tradition continues to evolve in our modern world.  The “right one” is out there for you, so check back weekly for updates or follow us on Twitter to make the most of our partnership in your future.

Let us come with you on your journey!

Jill & Amber