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Posted by Amber Kelleher on Jan 29, 2012 5:11:00 PM

I've read dozens of articles over the years on how to "read women" and interpret their body signals. Everyone knows that women are more complicated than men, and that male species doesn't have as sophisticated an unconscious messaging system right?


While men do give off a broader set of very obvious signals, they give off an equal set of subtle indicators that you can interpret during a date to better understand the dynamics of the evening. I just read a great article that identified a handful of these signals. Here's a sample:

  • Licking his lips is a good sign that signifies that he is nervous or waiting for something, but in a good way. He is nervous and conscious about the impression he is making, hoping it is a good one, and he is expecting you to notice it.
  • His shoulders and chest positions towards you even if he is looking at someone or something else. When you are in a party and you and your friends do not know whom he is after with. Look where his chest and shoulders position at, then you may now guess whom he is after with.
  • If a man smoothens or ruffles his hair, this body language means that he is smartening himself for you. This is the most common actions by most men did, and it is a good thing. He is trying to make himself best for you.
  • When a guy stands or sits and his toes are facing toward each other, more likely than not he is feeling uncertain, doubtful, and unconfident on himself. This is usual for men who are shy-type, even if he is digging you, he wants to make sure if the feelings is mutual.
  • A stroke on his face is also good sign. When you are telling something and he unconsciously strokes his cheeks or leans his hands on his chin, this means that he is listening and interested on what you are saying. However, if he rubs his forehead together with a cringe, this means that your conversation is not good enough or he does not understand anything.
  • After a long talk and you are not sure if he likes you or not signs like when he buries his hands on his pocket, turns his belly away from you, crosses his legs, and decreases eye contact – this means that is just not into you.
  • Signs that he is lying are whether he shrugs his shoulder when you asks him something, he shakes his head but says opposite, and little or no eye contact at all.
  • When he smiles with his top lips stretched wide and his front teeth are barely peeking through is a polite signal that he enjoys your company but feels that the sparks are not there yet. However, this does not mean that it will not develop.

The better you can read a man during a date, the better you can deliver great responses to his quiet signals.

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