Making Marriage Fun Part 2

Posted by Kelleher International on Feb 19, 2014 9:14:00 AM

marriage 2Last week we listed just a few tips for strengthening your marriage and adding more fun into your relationship. This week, we will discuss even more tips for making a fun marriage that lasts. With the busy schedules that families

maintain, you may need to set aside some time specifically for fun activities. When you just wait until you have the time, you will soon find there will never be extra time. You have to make it happen. In contrast, you do not have to wait for fun. You can incorporate it into all aspects of your life.

Laugh Together: This goes hand in hand with not stressing over the little things in your life. Find the humor of everyday life and laugh together. Preschoolers laugh an average of 17 times per day. Laughter is good for our health because it relieves stress, releases hormones that generally increase feelings of happiness and brings people closer together through shared experiences. Do not let minor drama corrupt your bond – instead laugh it off and move on.

Plan Alone Time: Go on a date together at least twice a month, though once a week is even better. Take turns picking an experience to enjoy together. Favorite suggestions include:

  • Eating at a new restaurant you have not tried yet
  • Indulging in playful experiences, such as frolicking on the beach or going to an amusement park, fair or carnival
  • Staying in a luxury resort though you are still in our own city
  • Going on a trip together – even if it is just for the night
  • Taking a walk or hike together
  • Visiting places that hold nostalgia for each other, such as the restaurant where you had your first date
  • Becoming regulars at a local establishment
  • Revisiting favorite activities
  • Seeing really bad movies or picking more eccentric titles at local art theaters

Enjoy Each Other’s Interests: Everyone needs their own hobby, but one of the goals of marriage is to enjoy life, and by extension, each other’s interests, together. Watch a television show together or read the same book at the same time. Take classes together, such as cooking classes or fitness classes. Do something together that you can have conversations about. If you married this person, you probably have a few things in common, so find those things and build the relationship through similar interests.

Say No: In last week’s post it was recommended that you consult with your spouse before making any major decisions. Along with this comes the ability to say no to certain activities that could cause burn-out in the relationship. Many couples are too busy to take time for one another chiefly because they feel they must participate in all things that call them away. This may mean that you say no to attending yet another church group potluck or helping out at a community yard sale. This may mean that you decline meeting with the PTA this week. You do not always have to accessible to other people. The only people that have any claim to your time are those in your family, and of those, time with your spouse ought to be the most important. Protect your relationship by preserving time to spend with them

Spend Time With Others: Spend time as a couple along with other people. Find other couple that you can trust and befriend and do a double date every once in a while, or arrange play dates for your kids so that the “grown-ups” can spend some much needed time chatting. For those without kids, find couples that you can relate to. Often couples without kids become the babysitters when their child-bearing friends need a night out. And single friends rarely share your marriage mentality or interests, though they can be very fun to spend time with together. Just beware of being inadvertently pulled away from your spouse rather than the marriage being strengthened. When you share things in common with other people, it is easier to nurture friendships together. These friendships can strengthen and support each other’s marriages.

Finally, stay true to one another. Protect your relationship and never stop looking for ways to cherish one another. Always treat your spouse the same as when you were trying so hard to impress them in the early days before you even began dating and you can preserve the spark in the relationship. Do not be afraid to try new things and never stop loving or respecting one another through all the ups and downs of life.

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