Making Valentine’s Day Special: Gifts for Him and Her

Posted by Kelleher International on Feb 11, 2014 9:10:00 AM


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means that you, like many couples, are probably racking your brain to find that perfect gift for your significant other. To give you some inspiration and help choose, here are some great gift ideas for men and women on this day that celebrates love.

For her, you can never go wrong with flowers and a love letter. Flowers may seem like a clichéd show of affection, but that may be what makes them so special. Even women who are not especially fond of flowers appreciate the gesture and love being able to show that token of your love to their friends and colleagues. Surprise her with a delivery to her workplace of roses with a love letter attached. The gesture will put her in a good mood, elevate your standing with her coworkers and make her even more excited to see you for your dinner date.

You should also pair your material gift with a date. For most women, the best gift you can give is your time. Make reservations for dinner at her favorite restaurant and present her with a gift over dessert. Some suggestions for traditional Valentine’s gifts include jewelry and lingerie (in a discrete package if giving over dinner, or wait until you get home to give it to her). Think about her interests and surprise her with something that she probably wants, but would never buy for herself. You can also check out some more unique gift ideas here (write blog for this and insert URL). For whatever you choose to do for Valentine’s Day, make the entire day about your relationship and devote yourself to cherishing that bond.

For him, surprise him with something special in his workplace. Obviously, you do not want to send him flowers, but there are plenty of other gestures that will put a smile on his face. You could arrange for his favorite meal from his favorite restaurant to be delivered to him, or you could deliver it to him yourself. You could alternatively surprise him with the delivery of a small gift, such as a small bottle of his favorite scotch. Something as simple as a flirty text sent in the middle of the day or a note concealed in his pocket for him to find, sends the message that you are thinking of him and builds anticipation for your upcoming date. For a larger gift, think of activities he enjoys and arrange a date to do one of those things as a gift. For example, for a guy who likes to golf, make reservations for the following weekend for him to enjoy a game. Gifts based around his hobbies also make excellent choices. Surprise the sports fan with tickets to a game, the music lover with tickers to his favorite band, the video gamer with the latest game or console, the movie lover with tickets to a good film, etc. He will appreciate your thoughtfulness in remembering his favorite things and gifting him accordingly, rather than surprising him with more clichéd Valentine’s Day gifts.

Valentine’s Day date ideas are not limited to romantic dinners and flowers. For out-of-the-ordinary date ideas for this day of love, check out our blog (link here to blog on Valentine’s Date ideas).

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