Meeting New Clients!

Posted by Amber Kelleher on Apr 23, 2010 12:00:00 AM

We had a great first week in Europe – our London clients are SPECTACULAR! My mom and I are already making connections and matching our new clients against our US and European database. One of our New York clients is considering an international search asked me if European matchmaking was

different than back home and what he might expect. From Kelleher International’s perspective the interviews are a little more difficult, but still extremely thorough. With some of our European candidates, it takes a little longer to get to the level of intimate detail we require in our interviews – the path from first-intro to intimate advisor requires a few more steps, but is critical to our evaluation of potential candidates and for building the profiles we use for matching. Once we break through the initial barriers we find that we are able to really get to heart of what a successful match would be for this client!

From a client’s perspective, there are a couple of dynamics that make for a very different “starting point” in dating in Europe versus in the US. Starting with the first date, there are very different expectations around the “acceleration of intimacy” or at least the acceptable speed between Europe and their former colony. Whatever country you are from, we guide all of our clients to use good judgment when making early dating intimacy decisions and “know your date before you know his thread count”.

A second dynamic has a lot to do with the social safety net of Europe and its impact on the outlook women have on finding a partner slightly later in life. All women seek some level of core attributes in men, including protection, beauty validation and financial security. In the US, even the most successful women who are making long term decisions have to factor in “financial security” in a very different way than European women who have guaranteed retirement programs that give them the easy choice of independence if they choose it. While this concept may seem irrelevant to the highly accomplished women in our network, it is a part of the social fabric of Europe these women have grown up with and it has shaped their relationship outlooks.

In the end, IT IS ALL THE SAME!! European and US Men and women seek the same destination of a lifetime of exhilarating romance and partnership, they just take slightly different paths to get there. We focus every one of our clients on the handful of characteristics that are ESSENTIAL to their long term happiness.


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