Meeting the Parents

Posted by Amber Kelleher on Jul 20, 2010 12:19:00 PM

For some reason, the anxiety of meeting the parents is a consistent theme whether you are 15 or 50. Sure, the dynamics change (fathers of high school girls are protective in a very different way), but it is still an important

rite of passage in a relationship. And while those movies are funny (even “Meet the Fokkers”) , they haven’t done anything to ease the tension of “Meeting the Parents”. A common mantra here at Kelleher International is “be direct” – don’t try and guess what the right behavior is for success when you can ask and find out. Here are three things to do to prepare for the big event:

  • Ask your partner what they consider an “A+” outcome – does she want you to have bonding time with her dad, does he want you to befriend his younger sister, does she need to be accepted by the family Weimeraner? Set yourself up for success.
  • Ask your partner what they think would make their parents think it was a great meeting – should he share stories of growing up, should she reveal how her love unfolded, do his parents want him to be friends with the family Weimeraner? Remember, both your partner and the parents need to have a great experience.
  • Be prepared to be attentive – your partner’s parents will be looking for cues and signals that you are the right match for their child. Even though it is important to be engaged with the parents, it is even more important to send the signal to them through your attentiveness that their child has made the right choice.

Follow these simple steps and your first meeting should be a raging success!

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