Romance and Fitness

Posted by Amber Kelleher on Jun 29, 2010 2:00:00 AM

Before you skip over this post thinking “what does Matchmaking have to do with fitness and what does a relationship expert know about health?” give me thirty seconds to pitch you on the links between health, romance and a lifetime of happiness.

Truth #1: Your attitudes about fitness make statements about your attitudes about relationships. It is one thing to tell someone that you are committed to spending the rest of your life with them, and quite another to say you are committed to spending the LONGEST LIFE POSSIBLE with them. The second is transformative!

Truth #2: Successful people attract successful people. Your outwardly visible fitness is the most obvious success/failure you project when meeting others. The way you talk about health and fitness with a potential partner is equivalent to how you talk about financial investments – what are you willing to do, and how smart are you in making sacrifices and choices for long term success?

Truth #3: Physicality in a relationship is critical to developing deep compassion. Humans are physical and we all know the importance of the touch on the shoulder, the firm hug, or the assured hand shake. Equally important is shared physical exertion – a challenging hike, rollerblading in the park, even a long walk along the water. During these physical activities, your body releases endorphins and presents chemicals that increase people’s ability to form bonds.

But we’re all busy and somehow weight and fitness eternally seem to slip down the todo list.

To give you a quick boost on diet, I recently had a chance to sit down with Greg Ladas, author of “The Couch Potato Diet”. He has three tips on tilting the scales on “calories in” vs. “calories out”

  • Add more protein and fiber to your diet – it helps build lean muscle and the fiber also makes you feel “full” sooner
  • Reduce your saturated fat and cholesterol – these make it harder and harder for your body to process calories into energy
  • Reduce total sugar consumption – it is the least efficient source of energy

I hope I’ve made the case for the link between fitness and romance – now make yourself a bowl of high-fiber cereal with soy milk!

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