Romance is inside EVERYONE

Posted by Amber Kelleher on Dec 1, 2010 12:00:00 AM

Intent + Planning + Deliberate Intimacy = Romantic You 2011

Every woman wants romance. Any woman that says she doesn't is telling tall tales to a long list of people (including herself). Romance says to a woman "I am your dream guy. Not just Mr. Right. Not just a good guy, DREAM GUY."

Most men know this is true, although many men try to dismiss its importance and are resigned to the fact that they "just aren't romantic". This ends today.

At Kelleher International one our roles with clients is to provide insight into dating the twenty-first century woman. A regular topic we cover with our male clients is the basics of romance. Here is how we bring out the romance in any guy...

INTENT. You have to want to be romantic - without the sincerity in the delivery, your actions won't have the impact you want. The motivation can be as simple as your desire to make her happy, but if you are just trying to "check the box", then your romantic efforts will be a one-shot effort that won't deliver the romance.

PLANNING. Visible effort is as "romantic" as the actual experience for a woman. We are always saying that women love a "man with a plan" and that while a weekend getaway to Aruba can be romantic, knowing that a man took the time to plan it is definitely romantic. The planning part for you is also to "decide" how often you want to be sure to do something romantic. Every two weeks? Once a month? Once you set a regular cadence for yourself it will become a habit.

DELIBERATE INTIMACY. We grow closer to our partners as we reveal ourselves and realize it is safe and empowering. This isn't always a natural instinct in a man. A candle lit dinner can be romantic, but a candle lit dinner where you start off a conversation with "let me tell you what Christmas was like in my house when I was a kid" is headed in the right direction. Start with "the three things I think about you when we're not together (and why) are..." and you definitely are on your way to having a romantic evening!!! Every time you get together doesn't have to be a romantic event (that will become tiring), but once a month is probably not frequent enough.

We are here for our clients, encouraging them to be-all-they-can-be. We hope you decide to find "the One" and 2011 can be a new chapter in Romance for you!!!.

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