Seven Principles of Huna

Posted by Amber Kelleher on Jul 1, 2010 2:00:00 PM

If you know anything about Hawaii, then you're familiar with the word "Aloha". Hawaiian's use it to say "hello", "goodbye", "good luck" and even "I Love You". The concept of Aloha is a central part of Hawaiian and is part of the Seven Principles of Huna

which link strongly to native Hawaiian's deep connection to nature, people, and the plants and animals of their islands. These seven principles can also serve as a great starting point for the mindset and focus required to find love.

Here are the Principles of Huna:

IKE What we believe is what is real for us. Your experiences are not simply what has happened to you; more importantly, your experiences are the way you describe them to yourself. A similar set of experiences can lead you to believing that "finding a relationship is too hard" in the same way that they can lead you to "finding a relationship has always been worth the effort". One leads to a more powerful reality.

KALA No limits exist. This has two meanings -- the first is a challenge to set high expectations and feel no limits based on your past, and the second is to not impose any limits yourself through a long list of criteria that are more a check list than a guide for finding common values.

MAKIA Energy flows where energy goes. It's astonishing how we've seen this play out for clients. The momentum created by declaring "I'm prioritizing love" has profound - even magical - effects. We've had clients who, after years of solitude, meet their soulmate on their very first introduction. We can't help but acknowledge that there are amazing forces at work in these situations.

MANAWA Now is the moment of power. Why wait another moment to pursue your future? In this moment you have the greatest passion, urgency and ability to make change in your life!

ALOHA Love is happiness. There is a reason that this central tenet is so intertwined into daily Hawaiian life. It is the reason we at Kelleher International are matchmakers and the motivation for all of us to find love for our clients.

MANA Power comes from within. Kelleher International is here to "magnify" your potential, but you are a critical source of energy and drive. As you look inside and tap your motivation to find "the One", you will find your desires growing stronger.

PONO Effectiveness is the measure of truth. Results matter, and there are many paths to success. One day your path may be a Kelleher Network referral, and the next some local marketing Kelleher runs on your behalf - in the end, the only question that matters is "did you find The One"?

Now grab yourself a big bowl of poi and make your future happen!

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Let us come with you on your journey!

Jill & Amber