Should I go on "hold"...

Posted by Amber Kelleher on Jan 1, 2011 5:14:00 AM

The year is just getting started, work is extremely busy and I'm just not focused on dating right now -- should I just hold off until I can give it more attention?

Thanks for the great question, at Kelleher International we believe that finding "the One" is the most important thing you can do, but we're also realistic in that life has many demands you have to balance.

Before I fully answer the question, let's align on a central reality of matchmaking: it doesn't happen overnight. At Kelleher International we have an unparalleled network of elite singles, but once you engage our service it very often takes several months and a number of matches before we collectively narrow in on the right match for you. If you think you're six weeks away from being able to better engage, then you should put what time you can into it now and get the clock started on narrowing your potential matches.

But back to the original question: should you put yourself on "hold" beacause you feel that you just don't have the time to commit?

My gut reaction to this is "there's always an excuse not to start". This month it's work, next month it will be some vacation you had planned, the month after that it's renovations you are doing on one of your homes. This is a common pattern we see, and we urge our clients to ask themselves the hard question -- "do you want it, or don't you?" If you don't, then you can put yourself on "hold" and soon it will be 2012. If you do want to find "the One", then let us work creatively with you to make it fit your schedule.

Now let's suppose it's not an excuse, but there are unusual circumstances that are dominating your schedule. I have one question: "If you met the right woman today, the woman who was your perfect match, would you tell her to wait for you for six months, or would you find a way to start a relationship?" If the answer is "wait", then taking a hiatus is definitely called for. If your answer was "of course, if she were just what I was looking for, then I'd...", then I would urge you to work with us to find a "lite" way to engage a series of matches that keeps you in the mix, but in line with the time you are able to put against it.

No excuses in 2011!

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