The Day After: February 15th – Building on Success

Posted by Amber Kelleher on Feb 21, 2011 1:00:00 AM

Fellas, this is another one for you.

If you’re in a relationship you most likely had some type of “couple event” last week on Valentine’s Day. Hopefully we helped a little to put it in perspective and prime your creativity in finding the right gift.

It went SPECTACULARLY! What do you do next?

A top primetime comedy this week answered the question of “How do you recapture the thrill days later when the ladies come down off their See's Candy high, they crash and everything else by comparison is humdrum” by forming a Justin Bieber tribute band. I hope our advice is a little more practical and impactful, but the show does point out that there are dynamics in the post-Valentine’s days that can either build or destroy the momentum of Feb 14.

Here are three easy things to do to harness the positive trajectory of Valentine’s Day to continue onward-and-upward through the rest of the month:

REVISIT SOME OF THE HIGHLIGHTS: If you created some great memories or had some spectacular experiences on Feb 14, seek out ways to bring back the greatest hits of the night. If you gave her some breathtaking jewelry, tell her you want to take her out somewhere specifically to have a place to wear her new pieces. If you had a romantic drive up the coast, plan out three more ocean drives and play the same music you listened to on Valentines. Think back through the highlights of the evening and find ways to recreate or revisit the most special moments.

EXPAND ON THE THEME: If the restaurant was outstanding, let her know you have made reservations at the three other restaurants opened by the same Chef – each dinner will start out with the “halo effect” of that first meal. If you jetted away for the weekend to a beach bungalow on St. Barths, plan out the next five islands you will visit in the next year. If it “worked” on Valentine’s Day, it will most likely work all year long.

USE IT AS A RELATIONSHIP BUILDING BLOCK: think back to that night and identify any activities or behaviors that brought the two of you closer and how you might make it a core part of your relationship. If cooking a meal together felt like a great couple moment, commit to a monthly “date night ‘in’”. If you “surprised” her with two pane tickets and some lift passes, decide to have one “surprise” a month. Don’t treat Valentine’s day like some disconnected event, but rather as a wonderful and intense event that points the way to new ingredients for your relationship stew,

That’s it, congratulations on your great Valentine’s Day and keep the momentum rolling!!!!

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