Attractive women want the same things all women want...

Posted by Amber Kelleher on Jul 18, 2011 3:58:00 AM

Talk to any guy, and whether he specifically calls it out in his "top 3" or keeps it to himself, he wants to tell you "pretty" (or attractive or hot) is a core requirement. This is centuries of conditioning showing itself, and we often hear the question -- what's different about dating a really beautiful woman?

Some things may be different, but it is the similarities among all women that you should be focused on. For women it's different -- the "attractive" element of physicality is not a product of natural selection.

This doesn't mean to let your paunch go, say bon voyage to your hairline or quit brushing your teeth. What it does mean is that "your hotness" is not an upward cap on the attractiveness of women you date. Here are three ways to increase your appeal to the most beautiful of women.

1. Be confident. In a room full of women who are 7s, 8s and 9s, all of the fellas are hitting on the 7s and 8s. Pick a 9, walk up to her, tell her that she is stunning, or lovely, or something and that you'd be kicking yourself later if you hadn't had the nerve to come over to ask her first name. Be ready for the conversation that flows from that.

2. Be passionate on a topic. Whether it's baseball, the endangered water table or the emerging art scene, be informed and passionate about a topic. Passion around a topic = passion other places, and hot women want passion in "other places".

3. Be deliberate. Women love a "man with a plan". When you go out, let her know that you have the evening set, and if some of the choices don't turn out perfect, you have a backup. Tell her about a date you'd like to take her on in the future and the details of it you think she will enjoy (e.g., "when you taste the fresh strawberries dropped in the straight-from-cask Chardonnay, you ears will vibrate"). If a date is going well, lock in the next two.

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