Three Questions to take from the "State of the Union"

Posted by Amber Kelleher on Jan 26, 2011 12:10:00 AM

President Obama gave a rousing speech last night for his second State of the Union Address. It marks a great transition from "weathering the storm" to "moving forward". My two favorite phrases from President Obama were "How long should we put our future on hold?" and "We do big things".


My favorite thing about the State of the Union is the annual forced "step back" and reassessment of what is important to our country. It's a great opportunity to look at the events of the past year, how the economy/environment/world has changed, re-ground ourselves in what we believe our Nation should be, and set out priorities for the next year. Every year it fills me with hope and pride.

Are you overdue for a personal "State of the Union"? When was the last time you really looked at your current position and re-prioritized how you spent your time and energy? If you look inside yourself and make a statement about "who you should be", does your current set of relationships match your potential? If not, it is time to set some new objectives and prioritize finding "the One".


I would normally say this question is rhetorical -- of course "now" is the time to find the ultimate source of lifelong happiness. However, it seems that year after year people continue to put off getting serious about finding the right relationship. The way President Obama hoped to motivate his listeners was by painting a picture of our success, not so much the hard work to get there. We will be globally competitive. We will be employed. We will prosper. Paint yourself that same picture of the destination -- you and the love of your life on vacation in Italy or sitting by the fire on a cold night or grabbing a bite at your favorite restaurant. Picture those images and then ask yourself, "how much longer do you want to postpone that future?"


One of the President's primary jobs is to inspire Americans to aspire to greatness. JFK was the consumate messenger with "Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather ask what you can do for your country", and this theme continues in the speeches of Reagan, Clinton and Bush' 39 + 41. President Obama asserted it like a truth to the American people -- "We do big things".

Now take this aspiration to a personal level. Do you want to lead the life of "Doing Big Things"? If not, then stop reading now, you are probably not a good fit for the Kelleher Network. If you are, then now is the time to set off to do the Big Thing. Find "the One". Don't do it 10 minutes a week and believe it will work itself out. Pursue it like it was a national priority. Pursue it like it was a personal mandate and aspire to greatness.

Kelleher International has more than twenty-five years of experience helping clients do the "Big Thing". Think ahead to your next personal State of the Union and the accomplishments you want to share...and then give us a call to help make it happen.

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