Turn up the heat on summer

Posted by Amber Kelleher on Jun 1, 2010 2:00:00 PM

What better way to fire up Summer romance than with some creative ideas for a hot summer date. Whether it is date number two or two-hundred, some wind in your hair and sun in your face are two great ingredients for a great memory. Let us give you a head

start on your list with some great summertime classics!

Drive In Movie: there is something about a drive-in that takes you back. You’re nervous, you’re excited, and you’re crossing your fingers for a movie that is just scary enough... Drive-ins have become increasingly scarce over the past decade, we've found a website that can help you find a drive-in in your neck of the woods here. Plan ahead and bring a blanket if it’s going to be chilly (much better than a car heater) don’t forget to sneak in a few buddies in the trunk.

Historic Stroll: Almost every town has a wonderful and rich historic layer hiding just beneath the surface of the summer hubbub of June and July. From Atlanta’s Gone with the Wind tour to Dallas’ Running with Bonnie and Clyde tour, a brush with history will give you both a new appreciation for your city and create an enriching memory. My favorite is an “eating” tour of Manhattan’s Lower East Side – you make your way through a series of historic neighborhoods sampling the cultural food of each wave of immigration. Be sure not to miss the pickles from Guss’!

Convertible Drive: a convertible turns any trip into a drive! Avis runs convertible specials all summer and a thirty-mile drive to a local park, an ocean view, or to the local drive-in (!!) will add an air of fun and excitement to a boring everyday activity. A convertible ride also reveals in people their sense of spontaneity and adventure-under-the-surface -- so be prepared for what you might find! I prefer a classic Karmann Ghia to a modern Sebring, but any ragtop will due on a summer night!

Outdoor Concert + Picnic: The smell of grass, some wine and cheese, and Debussy filtering through the trees makes for a lovely summer's evening. A throng of ten thousand, slowly warming beers, and a crowd singing every word to "Margaritaville" under a late afternoon sun becomes a highlight of the season. The great thing about an outdoor concert as opposed to a night at the symphony is the ongoing social interaction. We warn new-daters away from movies, concerts at Carnegie hall or anywhere you sit in silence for hours and don't interact with your date -- we're trying to feed your interest in each other, not a new concerto! Even better if the concert is part of a series and you and your new romance make a habit of it. Add champagne and plastic glasses with some home made sandwiches (use your secret recipe) and the two of you will talk about this night all summer.

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