Who's right for you? What's too young/too old?

Posted by Amber Kelleher on Apr 1, 2011 9:36:00 AM

Featured Team Member: Sunya

I take great care of myself and work hard to defy my age. I’ve had bad luck in the past dating men more than a few years older than myself, but you keep encouraging me to be “open minded” — what am I missing here that's keeping me from making this jump?

First, let’s clarify. There’s nothing wrong with having age as a selection criteria — what you want is what you want. When we say “open minded”, what we really mean is that we want you to consider the possibility that age is not really one of your core requirements for a partner, but rather a “related” quality. For example, height is not a required characteristic for an NBA player, but a “related” one — it’s good to be tall in the NBA, but there are plenty of 6′10″ players that get cut, and at 5′7″ Spud Webb beat out his 6′8″ teammate Dominique Wilkins in the All Star Game Dunking Contest.

We get that you're top of your game for your age — that's why you were accepted as a Kelleher client! So you can expect nothing less from the matches we provide you. As a yoga instructor myself, I regularly have conversations with clients about how keeping physically fit is a core element of their identity.

If what you are seeking is youthfulness, vibrancy, and adventurousness, then putting a false ceiling on age may be eliminating some great opportunities for you. Richard Branson is 60 and I would put him up against any 45 year old man I know. Catherine Zeta Jones is 41 and is more beautiful and energetic than most 30 year old women. This is the role of the matchmaker, to work with Kelleher International’s elite network of singles and find “the One” that we believe could be the perfect partner for you. Our other role is to help you evaluate what will really be important for a lifetime of happiness, and not let you get tripped up by pre-conceived ideas and biases.

So let me rephrase the ‘be open-minded’ encouragement you are hearing -- and instead say, "we have an opportunity to make an introduction to a man who will shatter all of your beliefs about age and adventure, vibrancy and life."


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