Could This Algorithm Predict The Future of Your Relationship?

Posted by Kelleher International on Jan 15, 2016 8:52:14 AM

shutterstock_162886001.jpgKelleher International matchmakers might be the experts at helping you find love, but as it turns out our services might have a counterpart: an algorithm that can predict the future of your relationship based on the tone of your voice.


Have you ever felt there was more to your partner’s words than just what they were saying? Researchers ran a University of Southern California study that concluded words can be deceiving, but a person’s tone of voice will always give them away. This kind of technology could be revolutionary for couples: imagine being able to interpret your partner’s relationship satisfaction with your laptop or a smartphone app!


Over a two-year period, conversations between couples were recorded and analyzed using the most innovative technology. Inflections were classified by things such as pitch, intensity, “jitter,” and “shimmer.” Researchers followed up with couples five years later to evaluate the happiness of their relationships. Surprisingly, the algorithm predicted happiness in couples with an astounding 79 percent accuracy rate, far surpassing predictions made by human behavioral analysts.


The research was originally published in Proceedings of Interspeech in September of 2015 following a previous study that indicated saying “thank you” and expressing gratitude were the greatest indicators of marital happiness.


This begs the question: are computers the future when it comes to personal decisions about your love life?


Our matchmakers use computer databases to store information and evaluate compatible dates for clients, but we still feel it’s the personal touch that really makes a difference. People don’t want to be analyzed and categorized – they want to be valued for their dynamic personalities, ambitions, and accomplishments. Only the best professional matchmaking services like Kelleher International can appreciate the value of something as abstract as chemistry between two people.


"It's not just about studying your emotions," scientist Shrikanth Narayanan said in response to the study’s results. "It's about studying the impact of what your partner says on your emotions."


It may be possible to predict the future of your relationship using nothing but a computer algorithm and your own voice, but we believe true love is more of a personal experience. Our executive matchmakers have one crucial piece of advice for anyone looking for love: follow your heart. Your instincts will always point you in the right direction.

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