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Posted by Kelleher International on Jul 21, 2017 6:43:13 AM

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If you ask anyone who's actively dating they’ll tell you it’s akin to having a second job. Dating in earnest takes patience, presence and a healthy dose of persistence. Consistently putting yourself out there and going on dates can devour your time and energy, so it’s important to have fun and enjoy the experience.

Date night with dinner and a movie might sound like a dream to a married couple with children. To the single gal who probably had dinner and a movie twice last week, it seems like more of the same - boring and predictable.

Since summertime is the perfect time to mix things up and try something new the matchmaking mavens at Kelleher International offer you some fun and playful dating ideas to shake up the status quo.

The Progressive Dinner Date

For foodies who love to dive into the latest culinary collections, a progressive dinner date is a bright idea. Choose eatery destinations based on location, cooking style, or a chosen theme. Enjoy appetizers and pre-dinner drinks at a place, the main course at another, and finish up with dessert and after dinner drinks or coffee at a third cozy spot. Finish off the date with an evening stroll (if her footwear is appropriate for such things) to discuss the experience and walk off a few of the extra calories together.

Country Cruising

If escaping the city sounds good to you both, consider packing a picnic and going for a drive. Make your destination a local farm or orchard where you can harvest your own fruits, veggies, berries, or flowers. If you live near the wine country, one or two stops for wine tasting might also hit the spot. Be careful not to over do it, though. Find a balance of fun in the sun, food, and wine. At the end of your date, if you’ve both had a great time, the fresh fruit or produce and any wine purchased will give you the ingredients for a playful cooking activity later that evening or the following day.

Give Back Together

If you and your match share a passion or interest consider volunteering together. Working side-by-side on a Habitat for Humanity build, or beach clean up event, or spending time with the elderly delivering Meals on Wheels will give you a very different perspective on the person. Organically, partnering on a project adds an element of closeness and camaraderie much faster than merely sharing a meal.

Below are a few entertaining first date stories as recalled by our KI matchmakers. These anecdotes reinforce the importance of going with the flow during those times things don’t play out the way you expect.

“Tri” Something New

“I matched two super athletes in DC. He is a triathlete. She is an Ironman triathlete. Their first date was an insane 70-mile bike ride. When we connected post-date, he admitted that she kicked his booty and he was honestly trying to win! It turned out to not be a romantic connection, but the two are now training buddies and good friends who spend time together regularly. You never know where the story will go! I know they connected for a reason. I’m convinced she’s going to fall in love with one of his triathlete friends and get her happily (fit) ever after partner.” -Doreen Justice

Dating in the Dumps

“This is an odd one! A potential match I connected couldn’t make their schedules work to get together. A few weeks later, the woman was in the gentleman’s area of town and made a last minute call on the off chance he was available. He admitted he was actually on his way to the dump and asked if she wanted to tag along. They both laughed, but their spontaneous first date did begin with a trip to the dump.” -Kira Crelly

Simply Memorable

“A client went on a lunch date with a lovely, older gentleman who suggested they sit outside on the terrace so they could speak privately and candidly. On one of the patio tables stood a beautiful vase of lilies. She obviously gravitated toward that table. When she commented how gorgeous the flowers were, the gentleman explained they were for her. He wanted to make a good first impression and had arrived at the restaurant early so the waitstaff could set the table. She admitted to me when we spoke that the gesture was such a simple thought, but made a memorable impression.” -Courtney Barber

Dating a FANatic

“This gentleman found out his date was a huge sports fan. He told her they were going to a casual dinner but instead drove straight to Oracle Arena where the Warriors were playing. Special arrangements and considerable thought went into the preparation- Priority entrance with the athletes. Admittance into the private club to enjoy cocktails with the team’s family members and special guests. The icing on the cake was floor seats with an autographed basketball waiting with a single red rose atop the ball. It was a magical and unforgettable evening for the beaming sports fan. She was smitten.” -Cathy Lewis

What about you?

Do you have an out of the box date story to share or a clever date idea you want to suggest? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments section below.

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