Dating is a Team Sport

Posted by Kelleher International on Feb 9, 2018 9:21:47 AM

Kelleher Matchmaking LA Dream Team

The difference between mainstream dating apps and matchmaking services like Kelleher International has everything to do with a personal touch - humanizing the experience of making connections and the added benefit of varying perspectives are big reasons why matchmaking works so well.

Kelleher Matchmaking is so successful in creating meaningful matches for our clients due to the caliber of our team. Southern California matchmaker Tiffany Lawrence Beisner is a great example. A certified life and parenting coach, Tiffany has been a core member of the Kelleher team for fifteen years; however, she’s been around matchmaking since Jill Kelleher founded the company over thirty years ago.

“The best teams consist of members who develop an unspoken connection and can anticipate the needs of their teammates and clients,“ CEO Amber Kelleher explains. “Tiffany is not only an excellent coach and matchmaker, but she also holds the title of my very first friend. We met in the second grade, and she’s been an important part of my life ever since. She was the Maid of Honor at my wedding and is the godmother to my eldest son. Our forty year connection creates a unique working dynamic that I value deeply.”

Tiffany adds, “My life coaching and psychology background is where it began, but my relationship with The Kelleher's presented a dynamic opportunity to put my background into action in the most fantastic and rewarding way. I love meeting new people and listening to their stories and life experiences. I don't consider matchmaking a job; for me, being able to connect people for love is an honor.”

We asked Tiffany to highlight common dating frustrations among singles in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego where she focuses her matchmaking efforts. “The women complain that the men they meet via apps or the random bar pick-up aren’t quality matches. The apps and dating sites give them the ability to go on a lot of dates and keep themselves busy, but when it comes to dating, women are busy enough as it is and desire quality over quantity,” Tiffany explains. “As for the men, they think most of the women they meet online are looking for a social sponsor and lack depth.”

These common struggles make them perfect candidates for matchmaking. Of course, regardless of how you meet someone, it’s important to not judge a book by its cover. “So often I hear clients declare that they know within the first fifteen minutes if their date is a match. I’ve even had clients say they can tell from a photograph or a phone conversation if they’ll have chemistry with someone,” Tiffany adds. “If any of that were true, these people wouldn’t be single. Chemistry is not always immediate and can most certainly develop over time. I have many clients who fell for their match on date three or four - not during their introduction phone call.”

In this day and age, dating is a team sport. Consider a matchmaker the quarterback of your love life; you’re the wide-receiver. “Our team sits down with you to work out a strategy together, and then you have to trust us,” Tiffany says.

It’s more than you staying open and engaged in the process. It also takes a willingness on your part to receive input and coaching and trust in the plan. “The truth is, the magic happens in person. Don’t miss out on the love of your life because you’re stuck in old ideas of what works and what doesn’t. Be a team player with a willingness to run new routes with zeal; give us your best effort, and we’ll throw you some amazing matches and watch you finesse your way into the end zone.”

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