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Posted by Kelleher International on Aug 18, 2017 9:51:37 AM

Most men will tell you they aren’t romantic. But ask a woman what little things her man does that makes her swoon, and you might be surprised. Romance isn’t as elusive or complicated as people think and it can be disguised in some seemingly ordinary acts. To get you inspired the Kelleher International matchmakers gathered everyday ideas to help you spark flames and earn brownie points with your partner. 

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Whether you’re rekindling flames or igniting them for the first time, fun and humor are two gatekeepers on the path to romance. The ability to make your partner relax and laugh is a magic potion for love. From flirty greeting cards for no reason at all to an impromptu afternoon at the amusement park or dinner and a comedy show, couples that laugh together share an extra level of connectedness.

Another opportunity to enhance the romance factor is to ignite the adventurous side of your partner. Try something new together - whether it’s a weekend road trip to somewhere off the beaten path or ducking into an adult novelty shop for some fun toys to experiment with as a couple. Find out of the ordinary ways to spend time together and add a level of intrigue often lost in the monotony of day-to-day togetherness.

These adventures will soon become part of your “couple fodder” as you tag team story time at the next friend get together or dinner party. Everyone loves reminiscing about the old days and reliving warm, familiar feelings. Nostalgia can enhance the bond of a couple or reignite the flames of romance in need of rekindling.

Of course, sometimes it takes more than a trip down memory lane to spark excitement. Kelleher International Director of Matchmaking Kimberly Colgate and her husband are celebrating five years of marriage this month. As a matchmaker, Kimberly is no stranger to the nuances of romance but admits it’s not always easy.


“We have a three-year-old and a five-month old, and it takes mindfulness to keep the romance going! I’m regularly functioning on insufficient sleep, and a bath seems like a luxury I can rarely afford. Fortunately, my husband and I are both willing to get creative to show our mutual love and adoration for each other. As silly as it seems some of the smallest gestures are the biggest turn-ons these days. Having small children you become a slave to the routine, but sometimes my husband will come home early from work, surprise me with my favorite treat or take the kids so I can have some “me” time. At night we have our favorite shows saved in our DVR cue, and we sit and relax together. At this stage in our marriage, spending time as a family enjoying the two magnificent little humans we created together is our most romantic act.”

Kelleher International CEO Amber Kelleher is also celebrating her wedding anniversary this month. After eighteen years of marriage, Amber shared another romantic gesture we can all take to heart. “Focus on the good your partner does and celebrate the unique qualities they possess that make them so special to you. Ignore the minor mishaps and those annoying moments that often get blown out of proportion. Letting the little stuff go is sexy and mature and endears you even more to the person you love.”


The biggest key to steady romance is consistency. Show up every day with the willingness to give what you want to get from your romantic partner. Kelleher International Senior Matchmaker Molly Davis mused on the romantic gestures of her husband as they celebrate twenty-two years of marriage this month.

“It's really about the simple day to day gestures that make me feel loved, appreciated and desired. It's a great exercise to stop and acknowledge all your partner does for you; I was surprised how many little things there are. He picks flowers from our garden and makes bouquets around the house. He brings me coffee in bed every morning and requires a kiss before handing it over. He surprises me with, "Your bath is ready." And I know there’s a serene tub with candles, my favorite Hawaiian music, and a glass of wine waiting for me. After all these years he still refers to me as his “sexy wife" and tells me regularly how beautiful I am. And, he always asks if there is anything he can get me when I am relaxing. He’s a keeper,” Molly smiled.


One loving act a client revealed was taking his significant other shopping - and he really hates shopping - to pick out a new dress to be worn on date night after she’d had an intense few weeks dealing with the death of her mom. Women understand most men don’t enjoy shopping so couple retail therapy can be very romantic. On the flipside, the act of giving your partner space or removing stressful scenarios from cropping up in their day is also a romantic gesture. Providing your partner with “me time” when they’re visibly bogged down is one of the kindest, loving, and compassionate acts. Respect and appreciation grow during these moments of mindful love and generosity.

Do you have a go to romantic gesture to add to the list? Or maybe you have a question for our matchmaking mavens? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section below, or email us.

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