Fashion Trends That Will Be Sure to Catch Their Eye

Posted by Kelleher International on Feb 24, 2017 2:09:05 PM

man with woman.jpgThis year’s fall/winter Fashion Week has come to an end and the new designer clothing lines are heading to boutiques around the world. Inspiration struck both men and women as classic looks made a comeback and new ideas bloomed. If London, Paris and Milan have taught fashion-wise individuals anything, it’s that fashion changes constantly and you shouldn’t get stuck on one type of look. Check out our matchmakers’ top list of up-and-coming men and women’s fashion trends perfect for catching the eye of that special someone and keeping them coming back for more.




Suits are always the classic go-to for men who looking to impress. The trick is to find an experienced tailor near you who can fit a suit to your specific measurements. There is nothing more attractive and mesmerizing to a woman than a sharp dressed man.

Military-esque Coats

Finding a coat that is both classic in style and fresh in look is challenging, but this year, the runway debuted military-esque coats featuring the hard, manly lines men look for. Women swoon for a man in uniform - even if it’s just a stylish outfit that resembles one.

Patterned Shirts

Any man can pull off a simple white button-down shirt, but it takes a true adventurer to dive into the world of patterns. The runway showcased patterned material - in both men’s dress shirts and casuals this season. Though not everyone can pull of the pattern, we know the men who looking for a bold, fresh look won’t have any trouble finding a pattern that puts them front and center.

The “It” Colors

The colors for menswear this year varied in hues and vibrancy, but tended to stick with blues, reds and whites. For a striking look, pair a white button-down with white pants and dark sunglasses to offer contrast.


Body Acceptance

Women, this year it’s clear that body acceptance is in! With nude accents running rampant on the runway, the theme was evident. “Nude” comes in all skin tones and sizes, and can give you the jaw-dropping look you’re going for. But, remember -  keep it classy.


The feminine, whimsical look is on its way back, which the designers conveyed by painting the runway with paisley and floral designs. A nice floral, tea length skirt paired with a flattering, off the shoulder blouse can be just what you need to secure that second date! Embrace your inner-feminine, ladies, and you’ll dazzle your date in softness.


From fitted jackets and high-waist pants to tea length skirts and velvet, this year’s spring collection had only one thing to prove: that class is always in. For a show-stopping, daytime look, pair a half sleeve, tailored jacket with fitted jeans and a colorful silk necktie for that pop that just won’t stop.

The “It” Colors

If there was anything to take away from spring fashion week it was that color is in. Women, find ensembles that embrace yellows, greens and pinks is very feminine and can be paired in a variety of different ways. In vibrant, playful colors, your man won’t be able to take his eyes off you!

Make this year the year you step out of your comfort zone and embrace something new and exciting, like adding a few new stunning pieces to your wardrobe and a new partner on your arm! Don’t spend another evening wishing for someone to spend your life with; have fun getting out there and finding them! Don’t worry if that’s not your style - you can always contact our matchmakers at Kelleher International to get started on the search today. We’ll be by your side every step of the way.

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