Gifts to Make Her Fall in Love this Valentine’s Day

Posted by Kelleher International on Jan 29, 2016 7:24:08 AM

shutterstock_212028130.jpgValentine’s Day is only a couple weeks away and rumor has it Gwen Stefani’s gift has already arrived! Her Instagram account recently showed a chestnut horse with the caption, “My new bunny #bestpresentever hi Halo.” It seems Blake Shelton came prepared for Valentine’s Day this year – and is raising the bar for men everywhere!

 So, what do celebrities get each other for Valentine’s Day? Our matchmakers have the inside scoop on celebrity celebrations to inspire your dating life and ignite passionate relationships that last!



Plants. No, not flowers from the corner shop. Angelina Jolie gifted hubby Brad Pitt with an old olive tree for the holiday back in 2010. Olive trees symbolize peace, faithfulness and longevity. Someone clearly did her research! This gift didn’t come cheap, however: rumor has it that her gift of choice cost more than $20,000.


Rebecca Romijn’s beau, Jerry O’Connell, reportedly took this route as well when he splurged on a $52,000 home vineyard. “My husband put in a vineyard about six years ago in our house. It was a Valentine's present.”


Rings. Yes, we know: it’s a little cliché, but proposing on Valentine’s Day really is a romantic gesture, especially with an enormous rock! Valentine’s Day proposals are a time-honored tradition sure to make your date swoon. There is no better way to create a memorable holiday!


Celebs who proposed on this special holiday include Howard Stern, Harrison Ford and Vince Vaughn. Vaughn reportedly told Ellen DeGeneres, “Valentine's Day rolled around and I figured this is not a ship to be missed. I will not forget this date.”


Food. Actress Stana Katic, star of the television show Castle, remembers her favorite Valentine’s Day gift not for its luxury or flair, but for its thoughtfulness. “Someone made me a pecan pie from scratch. It was such a generous moment because it was sweet. It was simple. It came from the heart and it was such a surprise.” You can never go wrong with a sentimental gift for the one you love!


Floral Market Research predicts the average American household will spend $74 on floral purchases this year. This amounts to a massive $3.3 billion sales year for the flower and plant industry!


Online search trends show this year’s most popular search terms for Valentine’s Day Gifts.  Unsurprisingly, jewelry, gift cards and flowers top the list, followed by chocolate and sweets. These would be great gifts if we hadn’t already received the exact same gifts last year.


Maybe it’s time to take a hint from these celebrities and invest in something a little more creative. Still at a loss for gift ideas your date will love – or worse yet, are you missing a date altogether? Consult with our professional matchmaking services and allow us to introduce your soulmate just in time for the holiday. Make it a Valentine’s Day to remember!

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