Golden Jackpot

Posted by Kelleher International on Jan 26, 2018 7:53:39 AM

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If you follow the Kelleher blog, then you know California matchmaker Cathy Lewis is our over-60 dating expert. She recently had a stand out month with three clients getting engaged (Mark D. - Age 63, Greg S. - Age 70, and Steve R. - Age 71). We caught up with Cathy to find out her secret to senior success.

“Finding love at any age is great, but in your golden years, it is such a gift. These three clients had minimal limiting criteria in their searches; they were mostly open to finding love,” Cathy begins. “Sometimes matchmakers and dating professionals focus on the small wins and forget that love is the real reason we’re searching. I can honestly say that I facilitated love connections for all three of these gentlemen that will last the rest of their lifetimes - all are engaged to age-appropriate, lovely ladies who were also looking for love.”

As the older, single population reaches retirement and ventures out to explore hobbies and bucket list adventures finding a partner to join them in their golden years becomes essential - not only to them but also their families. Growing old alone is a real fear for most. Many of our senior clients tell stories of feeling the pressure from their grown children or siblings encouraging them to put themselves out there for another chance at a love connection.

Cathy explains, “For younger couples, children can be a huge obstacle when Mom or Dad starts dating and perhaps considers remarrying. This is not the case for widowed singles or divorcees later in life. Their families and children typically embrace the idea of them finding a new partner with which to share the rest of their life's adventure. It truly becomes a blended family that is not only accepting of the new addition, but also unconditionally happy for their second chance at love and partnership. Having someone to share the golden years with is a gift these couples and their families cherish.”

If you’re over-60 ready to find love again or are trying to get a senior in your life to consider dating, Cathy’s most significant piece of advice is to stop focusing on age as a number. “I had a lovely 61-year-old lady who was resistant when I presented a potential 71-year-old match. She shut down at the the thought of going out with a man in his seventies. She felt certain she couldn't have chemistry with a man that age. I encouraged her to move forward with the introduction, enjoy an evening out, and remain open and positive during the date. Fast forward… their wedding is this May on the shores of Kauai.”

In life and love, attitude is everything. Cathy practices the message she preaches to her clients every day which is to focus on the positive and seek to find the best in everyone. Cathy’s parting words as you set out on your next dating adventure, “Remember, this could be your last first date. You might be about to meet your eternal love to last a lifetime. Get excited! The best is yet to come.”

If you or someone you know is looking for love in the golden years, Cathy and the rest of the team at Kelleher Matchmaking is here to help. Give us a call to learn more about the Kelleher way and discover if matchmaking is right for you.

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