Holiday Gifts for Her

Posted by Kelleher International on Dec 19, 2014 7:14:39 AM

Kelleher_Dec_3To follow up our last post on holiday gift ideas for him, now it is time to get creative with gifts for her! We understand how important it is to find the perfect present for your loved one. Especially during the holiday season, gifts are a sign of true love and appreciation for someone. In order to express your love for the woman in your life, consider these gift ideas that can help:


Surprise her with beautiful new clothes she can adorn herself in. These might include a new black dress, that skirt she’s been eyeing, or a leather jacket. These are staples that every woman loves to have in her closet. If they are presents from her significant other, she is bound to appreciate them even more. In order to ensure the right size is chosen, carefully look at another similar clothing item and write down the size before the shopping begins.

A gift for later

Give her a present that truly keeps on giving. Invest in a gift that enables the two of you to do something together later on. For example, a couple’s massage, road trip to a bed and breakfast, or tickets to a show are all examples of presents that give her something to look forward to. These options show that thought, time, and organization went into the gift. It also shows that spending time together in romantic outings is a priority.


If the woman in your life enjoys athletics of any kind, encourage these healthy behaviors with your gift. If she loves to hike, invest in a new pair of hiking shoes and a hiking backpack. Fill the backpack with hiking accessories to top it off. Or, if she loves indoor activities such as yoga, consider getting her a new yoga mat, block, ball, etc. Women can always use more workout clothes as well. If you truly want to encourage her though, consider buying your significant other a membership to the new gym they’ve been eyeing (rock gym, boxing gym, yoga studio).


When it comes to entertainment, try to focus on the three big ones: books, movies and music. These types of gifts are classics, but you will want to spice it up a notch. Rather than simply getting her a new book, consider taking her to a reading by her favorite author. Or, purchase a subscription to her favorite magazine. These are both presents that go above and beyond. Then, when it comes to movies, go all out. Buy all of her favorite films and sweet treats and plan for a marathon evening in. Then, she will have the movies on hand to watch whenever she desires. Finally, for music, rather than simply getting her a new CD, plan an evening where you can take her to see a band that she loves. Live music gives more of an experience to remember.


As similarly suggested in the “Holiday Gifts for Him” ideas, women would also love a bag of accessories. Make your partner feel loved by spoiling her with adornments that she would not usually treat herself to. A matching jewelry set of earrings and a necklace make for a glamorous gift. Or, perhaps you want to go another route and focus elsewhere. Turn the bag of accessories into a new purse of accessories. Invest in a handbag that she can utilize for both work and fun, and fill it with other gifts such as scarves, a ring, sunglasses, etc. These are all small touches that will make any outfit she wears feel complete and stylish.



For a gift that truly expresses your love for her, consider a do-it-yourself present that takes both time and thought. For instance, if you are creative with home improvement projects, build something for her home. This might be a new bookshelf, shoe rack, or jewelry armoire. However, for those who are not compatible with these types of construction, there are other options. Simple DIY gifts that come from the heart go a long way. These might include:

  •          Love letters
  •          Picture frame with quotes
  •          Candles
  •          Braided bracelet
  •          Scarf
  •          Bubble bath arrangement
Whether you decide on a new dress, road trip, sportswear, handbag, or other item, these gift ideas are sure to impress your partner. At Kelleher International, we understand just how important it is to find the perfect present for the woman in your life, and these ideas are designed with just the right personal touch in mind.  

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