Holiday Gifts for Him

Posted by Kelleher International on Dec 12, 2014 7:01:00 AM

Kelleherdec2The holiday season is finally here! This is the time of the year to spread and receive love from family members, friends and significant others. However, it can be difficult to think of the perfect holiday gift for him. Whether for a man you’ve been dating, are in a relationship with, or are married to, choosing the right present is a task all on its own. At Kelleher International, we understand how important it is to find the right holiday gift for the man in your life. This is the time to show appreciation for everything he does; below are ideas that can help:


When it comes to clothing, be sure to treat your man right. Not only do we want them dressed to impress, but we want them to feel confident as well. As females, choosing a few luxury clothing items for him to flaunt this season will undoubtedly put a little spring in his step. Make sure he stays warm with class this season and consider a cashmere V-neck sweater, hooded jacket, slacks, or his favorite designer button-down.


Men love to stay current when it comes to technology. The newest toys are their favorite. Get him settled in with Bluetooth speakers, an Apple product, headphones, etc. Make sure he is ready to go in every department regarding music, internet, phone, and more. And remember, the newer the technology, the better.


The only thing that men love more than their technology is their games. Make his holiday one to remember by adding to his man cave with one of these ideas. If your man favors video games, get him a new Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Top it off with one of his favorite video games. However, if your man prefers more strategic and interactive games, consider a poker set, pool table accessories, or a dart board. 


Every man makes his favorite sport and team very clear. Hone in on this passion with his holiday gift. Whether he roots for the Steelers, 49ers, Bears or Broncos, plan accordingly. To start, consider getting him a jersey or hat of his favorite team. Then, if your man likes to actively play as well, buy him a brand new football, basketball or golf balls to practice. For the ultimate present to top it all off, get tickets to the next big game where he can wear his new sports apparel!


Personalized gifts add an extra touch of generosity. A great way to personalize a present is by engraving it. This can be done with the couple’s initials, favorite quote, or date (wedding date, day you met, etc.). The below are items that are perfect for engraving:

  •          Lighter
  •          Beer mug, wine glass or flask
  •          Picture frame with a photo of the couple
  •          Pocket watch
  •          Pocket knife
  •          Throw blanket
  •          Cuff links


Shower your man in extravagance with a bag of accessories for his holiday gift. No man is complete from head to toe without a few extra staples that he can adorn himself in. Get him a new leather wallet, designer watch, silk tie, etc. Accessories can make an entire outfit. Choosing these items will make him feel assured and confident in any professional, social or intimate setting. You can’t go wrong here!


Nothing says “I love you” like a do-it-yourself gift. These not only take time to create, but come from the heart. A significant way to add a personal touch (other than engraving) is with a DIY present. For the chefs out there, this might include a romantic dinner for two accompanied by a freshly homemade six-pack of beer. After all, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! For those who would rather create something more artistic, consider a poem, song, or painting. These options allow the creator to speak directly from the heart.

Choosing the right holiday gift for your man is difficult. With all of the different options, it is hard to gauge which is the perfect one for him. However, these options are tailored to fit the exact wants and needs of various men. Whether you want to dress them up or add to their man cave, these ideas are ones that he will love.

For more dating tips and ideas on how to treat your significant other, be sure to contact us today. At Kelleher International, our goal and purpose is to match happy couples together to help them thrive; we are here for any of your love life’s needs.

Happy holidays, and don’t forget the ribbon and bow!  

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