How Does Status Impact Your Relationship?

Posted by Kelleher International on Jul 17, 2015 9:48:32 AM

shutterstock_168632963Among Kelleher International’s clients are celebrities, athletes and CEOs, all of whom have a wide variety of interests, lifestyles and goals for the future. Status absolutely plays a role in a person’s dating life. What would have been a quiet dinner at a beloved restaurant for a regular couple could turn into a media frenzy for someone more notorious. Similarly, there are questions about finding the perfect life partner: does your date value you as a person or do they simply chase stars looking to elevate their own status? Kelleher International’s elite matchmakers have broken down the dating process so you can navigate your love life as smoothly as possible.


Conversation is a big indicator of whether something is wrong during a date. People generally talk about things that interest them, so if your date asks about material possessions or money it’s a safe bet these things are very important to them. Ideally, your date would be more interested in a genuine connection. Kelleher International strives to set up couples who share common interests and are capable of forming a solid foundation for a relationship. Conversation in that case would be focused more on hobbies, interests and life pursuits.


Many clients ask, “How do I know my date isn’t just after my money?” The truth of the matter is, Kelleher International’s team of matchmakers hand-pick each date for compatibility. If your date wanted to meet you for superficial reasons, the conversation would be lackluster and the date itself would be a flop. Our elite dating services focus on chemistry; we look at what you have in common with your date and who you are most likely to connect with on the deepest personal levels. We want to give you a special experience with a person who appreciates shared interests, values and goals. Our clients genuinely want a lasting emotional connection and that is what we strive to achieve with each and every date!


Travel is common among people who are in high demand, and this can also put strain on a relationship. Long periods of absence and lack of communication during this time test the foundations of a relationship and force couples to think creatively about keeping in touch and sflirting long distance. Video chat services, texting and email make communication easier, but they are no replacement for an in-person visit. If you find your schedule requires a significant amount of travel, let your partner know how long you will be gone, what level of contact they should expect when you are away and when you plan to return. Set expectations so there is no room for misunderstanding.


Media presence is another hurdle to successful high-profile relationships and celebrity dating. Otherwise normal things, like going to the farmer’s market or enjoying a candlelit dinner at home, can be blown out of proportion or misconstrued in tomorrow’s papers. It is important to seek private date experiences to minimize the impact of media on your personal relationship. It is important to discuss these experiences with your date ahead of time and make sure they know what to expect.


High profile dating is a different situation to navigate, but with some skill and a great deal of finesse it can be done. Evaluate the biggest factors that impact your life, allow us to locate the perfect match for you, and experience love as it was truly meant to be: honest, open and carefree. Our international database of highly accomplished singles allows our elite matchmakers to search the world for your perfect match. Contact us today to find true love. 

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