How Travel Strengthens Your Relationship

Posted by Kelleher International on Apr 17, 2015 11:36:23 AM


High-power couples frequently find business and travel take over daily life. Extended business trips can test the foundations of a relationship and cause couples to question why they began dating in the first place. It is important to remember travel is not always a weakness: in fact, travel can strengthen relationships just as easily as it can break them apart. The key is using your time abroad wisely so it is productive to your relationship. Expert matchmaking firm Kelleher International has five reasons why you and your partner should consider adding more trips to your schedule – and how to make it work when you travel alone.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. It’s a cliché, but it’s so true! Couples frequently fall into comfort zones where their habits, likes, and dislikes match up so precisely there is little left to discuss on dates. Imagine instead meeting your significant other over soft candlelight and listening to an exotic story about a hidden beach in Europe or a cultural festival they were able to attend. Sharing these stories and actively listening is a bonding experience for both of you.

Global perspective. It’s easy to get stuck in your own little world when you have no concept of what’s going on outside of your life. News stations do not always offer the same perspective that seeing something firsthand is able to provide, which is that much more reason to go and seek it out on your own. Repeating something you heard on CNN or FOX is fine, but it’s so much more interesting for your date to hear new firsthand accounts of things from someone who has personal experience in a country. Travel provides insight and perspective on other people’s lives so you can remember what really matters.

Distance from the norm. Shake yourselves out of a rut! Travel is the best way to rejuvenate the mind and body if you take care of yourself, get enough sleep, and eat properly during the trip. If your date is with you, this is a great change so the two of you can build memories together. If you travel alone, you might send snapshots or postcards home to your significant other so they have souvenirs from your journey. These reaffirming experiences are a nice way to check the status of your relationship or run wild with your love!

Keep in touch. If you are traveling alone and your partner is not with you, remember texting, Skype, and WhatsApp are all tools you can use to your advantage. Flirting through technology has a certain grade-school feel to it, but sending cute messages is still a great way to remind your date how much you think of them. Your date will love having selfies of you taken internationally or sweet notes to go through later even if you’re stuck in a business meeting. Remember the “good morning” and “good night texts” and be mindful of the time differences you might encounter!

Teamwork. There is something humbling about traveling to a new location with a culture you know little (or nothing) about. When you bring your partner on a trip like this, you two have the opportunity to work together to communicate, navigate the city, and order unknown menu items in completely new restaurants. Learning and working together is a common team building exercise which works just as well for couples as it does for any group.

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, there is always a way to turn your exotic adventure into an opportunity for romance. From simple text messages to physically bringing your date with you and experiencing a new culture together, travel can bring couples closer together and inspire creativity in your relationship. After all, Kelleher International has clients worldwide! Browse our extensive list of Kelleher matchmaking locations to discover the many places love can send you.

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