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Posted by Kelleher International on Mar 27, 2015 10:04:57 AM

shutterstock_168825053-1New couples always seem to be happy. They look better, feel better, and it seems like they have everything figured out. It’s easy to feel butterflies when your relationship is new, but how do you capture that kind of magic years into your relationship when you know your partner almost a little too well? Our expert matchmakers at Kelleher International aren’t just about matching you for the moment – we’re invested in long-term relationships that go the distance. We have drafted seven ways to keep the magic alive in your relationship even after you’re committed.


Hold his hand. If it’s good enough for a first grader, it’s good enough for us. There’s something sweet and innocent about a couple holding hands in public. Maybe it’s the simplicity or the classic feel of it. Studies also show holding someone’s hand can actually reduce stress and increase happiness. Next time you reach for your date’s hand, remember you’re doing yourself a favor, too.


Dress up. Okay, not all the time, but try to set up designated date nights where both you and your partner get ready like you did back when you first started dating. Wear the expensive perfume or cologne. Buy a new outfit for the occasion. Include dinner reservations, roses, and some champagne for an unforgettable evening.


Change the routine. If your date is used to dinner and a movie every Friday night, try something exhilarating for a change! Book a boating adventure or take a dance class together. Take your partner’s interests into account. If they have a favorite movie, most theaters will let you buy out the space for a special screening all to yourselves. Think outside the box and get creative.


Use the phone. Your date might be a workaholic, but with continued innovations in mobile technology, people are easier to reach than ever. Phone calls are nice, but are largely impractical for someone who works a full schedule. Try texting instead or Snapchat a photo of yourself in a place that holds meaning for both of you. Your date will appreciate the thoughtful gesture and might even return the favor with a photo of their own.


Let Go. Couples fight: it’s inevitable. The trouble comes when neither party gets resolution and the anger sits unresolved. Evaluate what creates tension in your love life and whether that anger is really worth holding onto. Is ego more important than your partner’s feelings? Try to be the bigger person and accept your relationship for the beautiful, imperfect thing it is. You wouldn’t want it any other way.


Make plans. Couples who dream together stay together! Talk about where you each want to live someday, what your dream vacation looks like, and even how your career ambitions fit together. Imagery is a big part of relationships so if you can imagine yourself having a future with your significant other, it might just happen (Fiji beach house optional).


Make time. The most successful couples are happy not because they magically have time for each other but because they make time. Recognize your relationship is just as important as any business meeting and schedule at least 30 minutes each day to connect with your partner. This can happen during dinner or even over Skype for long distance relationships. Talk about world events, share funny stories, or laugh at inside jokes – the important thing is you have made time for each other.


When you feel the relationship is becoming a little too comfortable, take necessary steps to make both you and your partner feel special again. Your relationship is a true labor of love and it takes both of you to make things work. Get back that “new couple” glow and take charge of your relationship! If you are still searching for that “just fell in love” glow, let us know and we’ll help find your perfect match!

Whether you are a new client flying off to Paris for your first match or have been happily married for more than twenty years, Kelleher International wants to be your resource to make your journey of love wildly fulfilling, exciting, dynamic, and deeply passionate.

We’ll talk about strategies for dating success, navigating relationship land mines, and the mindset it takes to find love and make it blossom.  We will put current events in the context of seeking love and even give you a little window into the match making business and how a centuries-old tradition continues to evolve in our modern world.  The “right one” is out there for you, so check back weekly for updates or follow us on Twitter to make the most of our partnership in your future.

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Jill & Amber