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Posted by Kelleher International on Aug 11, 2017 7:43:06 AM


If you’ve been around the block a time or two, you know that dating can seem as cut throat as those business negotiations you’ve been working on for months. But, if you take a step back you might notice savvy, single executives taking cues from their work playbook to make strides in their dating life.

The Kelleher International executive matchmaking team believes business and dating have a lot in common and have highlighted some parallels to help you meet your match and experience fulfillment in life and love.

It takes guts to make leaps and achieve great things in business, life, and love. Of course, making leaps often ends in failure - it is a numbers game, after all. Whether it's a turned down business proposition or a declined romantic advance, don't always take rejection personally.  

Kelleher Matchmaker Doreen Justice is no stranger to big business having spent years on Wall Street. “You really need to focus on your goals and continue to fill the funnel. Getting hung up on rejection is counterproductive and doesn’t make you a more viable partner personally or professionally. Both dating and business are numbers games. And developing a thick skin to rejection is critical for success,” Doreen advises.

“If someone’s in the market for X, but you’re Y it’s simply not a match. Recognize you’ve done nothing wrong and there’s nothing wrong with you personally.  The chemistry might not happen because one person is attracted to and actively seeking X even though you are a magnificent Y. Because it’s a numbers game you’ve got to keep putting yourself out there, someone looking for exactly what you have to offer will show up soon enough.”

In business and dating, it's important to be sharp at picking up signals. Is your date or client engaged in the conversation? Are they making eye contact, smiling, or nodding in agreement? Are you making them laugh, participate in dialogue, and open up? When they do open up and share personal details, pay attention to the little things and file them away. By being mindful during interactions, you'll learn their nonverbal cues and what makes them tick and that will make all of the difference.

Whether you're closing a sale or on a first date, there's power in a well-told story. A charming storyteller can quickly create a connection if their content is relatable. Have a few great tales and prepare to dazzle your date or close the deal. If your oratory skills are rusty, practice! Rehearse your story out loud in the shower or the car. Even record yourself using the voice memos feature on your smartphone. Listen to the playback. Would you buy what you’re selling? Keep working on it until the answer is YES!

In business, life, and love it's always advisable to leave a little something to the imagination. It’s not appealing to come on too strong. By doing so, you show all your cards too soon, and the intrigue and need to know more will rapidly dissipate. Just like with a beautiful meal or sunset, relax and savor the experience.

Lastly, one of the biggest parallels in business and dating is knowing when to cut your losses. Gracefully move on if you are not getting call backs or "buying signals" from the person.

Doreen explained, “Someone's feedback on a date says more about them than it does about you. Reactions and personal takeaways are varied and a direct reflection of their individual history, preferences, and needs. Those things shape their impression and make a bigger impact on the outcome than the actions of you, the person sitting across from them.”

What about you? Have you learned something in your professional life that’s opening doors of opportunity for you personally? Or have you taken a page from your dating playbook that’s changing the game for you professionally? We’d love to know how you’re finding success in life and love. Please share insights below.

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