Make Your Love Go the Distance!

Posted by Kelleher International on Sep 18, 2015 8:45:28 AM

Long distance relationships are emotionally challenging, and busy work schedules, family and volunteer activities only make it more difficult to find time for your significant other. Kelleher International’s upscale international matchmaking service pairs couples based on compatibility. While many people prefer to be matched locally, there is a large population of singles who want the best match – no matter where that person is located. This often leads to compatible couples who are extremely fond of each other, but are not quite ready to move to the same location before dating. These long distance relationships (affectionately dubbed “LDRs”) force couples to think creatively to keep their love alive.


The absolute best way to keep in touch during any period of physical separation is to use your phone! Send a “good morning” text and wish your partner sweet dreams before bed. Check in periodically to see if he or she is having a good day or if anything interesting happened. Additional services like Skype or Facetime offer free, user-friendly video chat features. For international relationships, consider a texting service like WhatsApp that connects to Wi-Fi to avoid unnecessary phone bill charges. WhatsApp allows VoiP video chat services as well. 


Don’t forget good old fashioned phone calls have their place in the world, too. Calling your date to talk about your day has a comfortable feel to it and doesn’t require either of you to get dressed up the way video chat services might. Many people report that evening phone calls help put their minds at ease after a long day in the office. Chatting with a loved one right before bed reduces stress levels and may even help people separate their time at work from their time at home, resulting in better quality sleep.


In addition to using your phone, consider the following ideas to help connect with your loved one across great distances:

  •          Send a jar cake on their birthday
  •          Make a handmade gift for the holidays
  •          Order flowers to be delivered at work
  •          “Poke” each other on Facebook
  •          Write an old fashioned love letter and spray your perfume/cologne on it
  •          Send a framed photo for your date to keep at their desk
  •          “Introduce” your date to friends via video chat
  •          Talk about the small things
  •          Root for your date’s favorite sports teams
  •          Create a countdown until your next visit
  •          Send small gifts “just because”
  •          Drop everything to visit your partner to show support in difficult times


Remember distance is only a temporary barrier that can (and will) be overcome. If you can, set a date when you can both expect to live in the same place at the same time. This gives you something to look forward to so the distance doesn’t seem quite as definite or all-encompassing. When the relationship seems impossible, remind each other you only need to hang on for x amount of weeks before you are together again – permanently. For your own relationship that stands the test of time (and distance), contact us and request more information about Kelleher International’s exclusive professional dating services.

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