New Year’s Resolutions for Couples

Posted by Kelleher International on Jan 2, 2015 8:16:00 AM

Kelleher_LA_jan_1If you and your loved one want to start the New Year off right, then it is important to make resolutions together. New Year’s resolutions are an ideal way to strengthen a relationship while simultaneously setting proactive goals. For couples, there are several ways to do this. At Kelleher International, we know just how important it is to continuously progress and thrive with your significant other. Setting resolutions that you can achieve together welcomes a new year with healthy intention. Here are a few ideas on how to do just that:

Cook – Not only does cooking together help the couple bond, but it is a healthier than eating out as well; you know exactly what goes into your food. Portion sizes can also be more easily controlled as both of you determine how much to prepare in each setting. Additionally, this serves as the perfect date night and helps the pair reconnect! Have fun chopping in the kitchen, moving in unison, and tasting flavors together.

Eat nutritiously – In addition to cooking, make it a goal to help one another stay on track with consumption. This might include food prep every week. Each Sunday, spend an hour or so making food to last the rest of the week together. Or, you could both keep a food journal to help stay on track. Mindful eating is essential to a healthy diet. Finding ways to maintain this, however, can be difficult – that is where the resolution comes into play.  

Workout – Neither of these would be complete without a little physical activity! Encourage one another to stay active throughout the entire year. Whether this be a weekly hike or evening yoga session together, make a regular effort to workout with one another. Set specific goals and expectations that you both want to meet each day, week, and month.

Give back – For those couples who want to get more involved with their community, this is the perfect resolution. Browse different local options and choose somewhere, such as a soup kitchen or animal shelter, to volunteer together. This can be monthly, bi-monthly, weekly etc. Decide on how frequently you want to volunteer, and set specific dates on your calendar.

Check in more – While this is something that should already be considered, make it a resolution to stay in tune with one another’s emotions, concerns, and wellbeing more often. Even if you feel that you already do this enough, try to do so in new and different ways. This might be through conversation each evening before bed simply to check in. Or, it might be as a weekly date-night where you both reconnect. Listen to one another. Put the phones, computers and TV screens away and actually tune in to the other. This gives either partner the opportunity to talk about something they need or want to express, and to update each other on anything going on.

Kick a bad habit to the curb – Both partners should pick one bad habit that they individually want to break. Then, tell one another what it is. Take actions to encourage each other to kick the bad habit to the curb. This might be smoking, eating fast food, overspending, etc.  Resolve to help one another overcome these behaviors by writing encouraging notes, providing them with any materials that might help (such as a piggy bank!), and whatever else may be useful.  

Begin something new – Make it a goal to pick up a hobby together. This is also a great way to help kick the bad habit as mentioned above! Replacing an old, counterproductive activity with a new one is a beneficial way to help each other grow. Decide on something that both of you have an interest in. Learn a new language, pick up an art, or sign up for a class together. Whatever it may be, make a resolution to do it together and learn side by side.

2015 has just begun. Ensure that you and your significant other are in for a wonderful year with these resolutions that are sure to help you both connect and strengthen your relationship!

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